Freedom, Gandhi and Violence - Role in India's Freedom. Why Bose left out ?

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Freedom, Gandhi and Violence - Role in India's Freedom. Why Bose left out ?

" Freedom is not given, it is taken " - these were the words of Subhas Chandra Bose. 

Have you ever wondered why the British left India even after Allied Forces winning the WWII? Have you heard Gandhi asking British to follow the Principle of Non-Violence in World War II? 

Today I am going to logically reconstruct the Indian Freedom Struggle to you. We are told that Gandhi fetched us the Freedom we enjoy today and Non-Violence made us free with its thought-provoking principles.
These are blatant lie fed to us by the political regime since independence and its a disrespect to those freedom fighters who laid down their life for the nation.

You may have heard about 1857 uprising for India's Freedom struggle across India for Self Governance and Swaraj. That was the first ever Mass revolt against the British oppression in India's Political History. This was a Massive Revolt was crushed down by the British with force. That was the first instance of a large-scale revolt taken place with Guns and Bullets.

Fast forwarding to the First World War I, the British Government usually recruit Indians as Soldiers. During the time of the WWI, the Britishers were in real need of soldiers who can fight for the British.

So, the Britisher approached the Political Leadership under the Congress to help them persuade the common man to join and fight for the British. In return, the British Government promised to consider leaving the country and the People of this country will have swaraj. This idea sounded very convincing to the Congress which then helped the British in achieving their goal of recruiting Indians as soldiers. 

The Indian Soldiers fought the WWII for the British Crown. Even after Allied Powers winning the WWI, Britisher dumped the Indian Leadership demand for Swaraj because they just tricked the Congress.

When Subhash Chandra Bose was the Congress Party President, there were instances where Bose appealed to the people to join a militia which will fight for India's freedom. But there were congress men who was opposed to the idea of Violent Struggle against the British including Gandhi.

One should connect the World War and India's Freedom to know what were the circumstances and whether its Gandhi's Non Violence or Armed Struggle by the Volunteers which led us to the Freedom.

Violence or Non-Violence?

There may be some contribution of Non-Violence in India's Freedom struggle, but one should not forget Azad Hind Fauj ( Indian National Army ) which led the Freedom Struggle.

When the second World War II started, the British once again felt the need for Soldiers who can fight in the WWII for the British Crown. The British once again went to the Congress Leadership and Gandhi. They were told that if the Indian soldiers will fight for the British Crown, the Crown will consider the independence of India. The Congress then again decided to support the British and tried to persuade Indians to fight for the crown once again. Whatever be the reason be it the Lust of Power, knowing that the same promise was broken by the Britishers in WWI, once again supported the British.

Bose however very keen to take advantage of the situation asked Gandhi, Nehru and the Congress to throw out the British from India with a nationwide movement.

But Nehru himself refused to entertain that request of Bose and said "The British are now in distress and fighting WWII, let's support them this time. And they have promised us India's Freedom. Bapu and the Congress endorses the same".

To which Bose replied blatantly, "What happened to the promises made by the British during WWI? Did we get freedom? What if we once again fight for them and the British do not leave this country "

" Why don't go and tell Bapu,  to ask the British to fight with Non-Violence and win the World War, and ask Hitler to talk to the American and win this war with Non-violence?  Why all these non-violence stuff limited only to Indians Only? "

Nehru was speechless after listening to the above lines. Soon after this episode Subash Chandra Bose resigned from the Congress and created a new political party named All India Forward Bloc.

Subhash Chandra Bose, knowing the conditions of the British in the WWII. He started recruiting more men to form an army to fight the British. Bose left India to seek Indian Help from Soviet help in which somehow failed. But went to Germany, met Hitler there and requested him of the Indian POWs in Germany for forming a Militia which he could march to India against the British. He also managed to persuade Hitler for the same.

On August 8, 1942, launched the Quit India Movement which was called by Gandhi. But on the very next morning, all important  Congress Leaders were detained by the British Police and Kept in Prison in three Years until 1945. 

So, the question here is what made the British leave India in 1947? All the Congress leaders were in the Jail then, Who mobilized the People to march against the British Government? 

It's was Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army (INA) who the British were afraid of. He was leading the Army, attack India and free India from Imperial Occupation. This phenomenon encouraged the young volunteers to fight the British internally. 

Bose on a Radio Transmission also appealed to the Soldiers in the British Police to fight for mother India. This can be seen in Nausena Vidroh in 1946 where Indian Soldiers refused to fight for the British Crown. 

The similar event follows and British sensed treason from various wings of its forces comprising mainly of Indian Soldiers along with the External Pressure from the INA.

Fearing INA they choose to leave India in 1947. But the question was whom to transfer the Power. The only Political entity was there to trust was the Congress, because its leaders somehow represented the people of India.

Many Freedom fighters are left out like the trio of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev along with many others, we have to give each and every freedom fighter his due respect as we give Gandhi which certainly is overrated.

So it's up to you to decide who fetched us the freedom be it Bapu's Danda and his philosophy of non-violence or Bose's Army Guns and Bullets.