Future of Me Too

Oct 12 , 2018 6 min read 2857 Views Likes 1 Comments
Future of Me Too

Hello there readers. I'm going to shoot some words on an ongoing powerful movement - #MeToo.

Salutations to the courage of all women who chose to use social media to its potential & shed light on the murkier behaviours of 'gentle' men. Many men - wolves in sheep's clothing precisely - who've been n(sh)amed have come out of their decadent nests. They had balls to touch women's balls because testosterone was surging & now they try to defend themselves, albeit feebly in this tsunami of women uprising.

All that glitters is not gold in the Hindi Film industry. This movement - it shouldn't die down - has shed light on how wimps masquerade around trying to superimpose their whims. They think 'Women & Semen have men in them' & think from their knees that 'Ohh!! It'll be forgiven / I've connections / Ha! I'll find another one'. Well, most forget KARMA. And damn! They've been bitten by a storm of it. It's a shame on the society collectively that we've failed to provide foolproof systems for the safety of women despite the fact that such incidents have been brought to light eons ago. But, the slumber period is over. Some goons are tilting their plank by attempting to 'silence' these women. It is commendable that these women - I won't deride them by calling them survivors, they're winners, warriors - STILL have chosen the path of forgiveness rather than violence.

Some men are flirty, some are touchy, some are sneaky. But being a man is NOT an entitlement rather a responsibility. High time Men - across the planet - start deeply respecting the fact that WOMEN are beings who've their own independence and choice. Subjugation as an object of bodily fluids & child making will be idiotic. And if they don't mend their ways, that day is not far when every single man's wood will be axed. Guess who the woodcutter will be.


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