Gen Payroll Software Free Trial Edition Available For Companies

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Gen Payroll Software Free Trial Edition Available For Companies

In this highly competitive market, every business is in the run to achieve progress as soon as possible. Amidst this never-ending competition in the market, no company would like to spend much of its time or assets in payroll management rather utilizing it in the other segments of progress.

It is a fact that Payroll management does not yield any external profit for a company but still, it is equivalent to the sales and marketing department as it supports systematic handling of employee database - which is another crucial resource in a company.

Well, Payroll is not just limited to preserving and updating the employee data but it also manages the attendance, bonuses, incentives, medical compensations, leaves, TDS deductions and much more.

After attaining the complete knowledge of what all is needed by a firm in terms of employee payroll management, SAG Infotech - a pioneer tax software maker, has come up with its masterpiece - Gen Payroll Software. Gen Payroll for small business is an asset that will cater to entire payroll requirements including the database management and incentive/deduction calculation providing a big relief to the HR department.

Due to its efficiency and updated features, Gen Payroll is the preferred choice of several firms when it comes to aptly managing the employee payroll.

Gen Payroll - Free Trial Version

To serve with the best, Gen Payroll is available in both the Online and Offline editions. And to give you an insight into the features and effectiveness of the software, SAG Infotech offers Gen Payroll Software Free Trial Version

SAG Infotech is known to retain its clients through quality software. Existing users are well aware of the functionalities of Gen Payroll Software and have found it to be an extremely reliable source of payroll management. They are enjoying the benefits of the Gen Payroll subscription that is attainable at a nominal cost.

One can purchase the software subscription at 15% discounted rates (offer valid for a limited period).

For new visitors, the company is offering its ‘Free Trial Version’ so that you are well aware of the functions and features of the software by the time you actually pay for a subscription. Download full trial version of Gen Payroll Software for small business in India 

The charge for software subscription (online/offline) is much less than the cost of errors in the payroll.

Gen Payroll - Features of Offline/Desktop Utility (Trial Version)

  • Easy to download and ready to use payroll management software.
  • Availability of Free Trial Edition.
  • It can easily calculate standard deductions like TDS, PF, PT, Income Tax and so on.
  • Absolute management of employee attendance, salary, incentives, overtime and so on..
  • In-built TDS computation system.
Gen Payroll is a much-needed utility, especially for small businesses. The software is known to give professional payroll experience to the companies in many effective rates.

Download the Trial Version of Gen Payroll (Offline Utility)

Gen Payroll - Features of Online Utility (Trial Version)

  • Gen Payroll online tool can e used as the reporting tool for the entire calculations in its offline/desktop version.
  • The online utility can easily be linked with the offline utility and the same functions could be carried.
  • Employees can apply for leaves or half-day in Online Utility which cannot be done Offline.
  • Any important piece of information can be published and checked through online utility.
  • Employees can see their details, attendance and leave records anytime.
  • The online version of Gen Payroll allows the download of Form 16 (TDS Certificate).
Download the Trial Version of Gen Payroll (Online Utility)

Gen Payroll works in line with the norms of the government and duly remains updated with the changes in the norms so that the user is not exposed to any inconveniences. From TDS to PF, ESIC every deduction is done allying to the government norms. The software generates a payslip that is required by the employees.

Gen Payroll - Procedure to Download the Trial Version

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the ‘Products’ tab and then select ‘Gen Payroll Software’
  • Choose “Free Trial Download”.
  • Fill in the basic details like Name, Mob, No. Email ID > Then Click on ‘Send’.
  • The user will thereon receive an email containing the download link for ‘Gen Payroll Free Trial Version’.


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