Good Things Take Time

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Good Things Take Time

At times,
Things will not go your way
Life will look like the worst day
Your closest will hurt you
And pull you down
Your failures will kill you all
Your heart will break
And your faith will tremble
All you’ll do and feel
Is deep inside you would want to

Trust me,
I have felt same.
Everyone do.
Everybody has been hurt
And got rejected
And have seen
The toughest of the moments
That they could have
And yes, possibly
They too cried.
We all do.
It’s important
And quite natural.

So yes, cry
If you feel like
Cry it out.
Cry with all your heart.
And just take it out
Out of your heart
For it needs to beat
Stronger and freely.
And the same way
You don’t laugh
At the same joke
Again and again
Don’t ever let
That moment make
You feel any less, ever again.

Next, Breathe.
Look for positives.
Trust me, there are many.
Take a pause and reach out
To your parents and friends
And people who actually care.
Someone who’ll always be there.
Talk what’s in your heart.
Express your thoughts.
Listen to the experiences.
Appreciate the little things
That you’ve got
That many just dream of
Extend a hand of help to the needy.
Make someone smile.
Share a meal.
Celebrate Kindness.

Give yourself some time.
And then, work on yourself.
Stay motivated, but
More importantly
Keep your heart happy.
Watch your actions
Think how do they help you
And change, if not.
Make a good book
Your daily companion
Open yourself
To feedback and criticism
For they will make you
A better you.
Always trust your goals
And be patient enough
As we all know,
Good things take time.


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