Got Education but not Job! Why?

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Got Education but not Job! Why?

The uneducated masses can be seen as the one who wasn’t that privileged enough to compete with their opponents who had an edge by getting the opportunity of becoming educated. The people who were either stopped by poverty or caste basis from getting an education for their lives may be blamed for their incompetence and destiny to not get a white-collar job. But the question arises why people who are at least able to get graduation degrees are still moving around jobless. I believe that there is an immense lack of skills in the youth of the country which is also a byproduct of our education system. Students are made to toil behind marks and certificates rather than knowledge and skills. Later when they come to the market they realise that their skills aren’t enough to suffice the market needs and they have to face huge competition which makes it really difficult for some and nearly impossible to others to succeed. The private sector becomes the eyes of many because there is no reservation here and a private job is seen as offering a greater source of money rather than income but still job security is a concern.

The government has failed terribly in India to create employment opportunities. After wasting lacks of money on my degree I don’t wish to sell Pakodas! 25 Million people behind 90,000 railway jobs!! I seldom wonder what reservation would benefit when there are almost negligible jobs where seats can be reserved.

There are some other unseen reasons also. People have a certain predefined mindset for the kind of job they will and any job opportunity less than that doesn’t attract them and thus they remain unemployed for that period of time when they are searching for that only job opportunity that can match their interest. But that is a self-imposed restriction which depends on the person’s choice. What about those people who thought that proper education will ear them a good job.

Many people don’t want a lucrative job but at least one which can satisfy their basic needs. Now today even that is stemming as a herculean task. It is very important today that our education system realize that the students are failing by the defective mechanism which they are implementing. Moreover, the government has to take effective actions to create employment opportunities so that the conditions can be improved.


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