Growing incidents of Mob Lynching have created a terrific situation in the country.

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Growing incidents of Mob Lynching have created a terrific situation in the country.

It is not rare to hear the growing incidents of Mob lynching every now and then. A couple of months before a man was burnt alive. A woman in Bihar was paraded naked on the baseless suspicion of killing someone. Recently the case of Bulanshahr's cop killing has really plunged the entire country into a river of grief.

It is indeed disheartening to see that how can a group of people without even doing proper research on facts and figures, in an irrational way just can be swayed away to kill someone this brutally. Where are our values and ethics? Have we imbibed these principles which compels us to ruin someone's life so easily? What is forcing us- Religion? No! No religion says to destroy brotherhood. Peace and love is the foundation of all the religions which prosper. Then what else? Is it our own mindset? Yes, indeed!

People share different perspectives over everything. Many times, they create a boundary around their perceptions which stops them from choosing a thought process that is rational and may be better in the application. Paving way for anger and handling situations with aggression is really easy, whereas handling the same peacefully, respecting each others' views and beliefs are really difficult.

India is a country wherein a plethora of religions, culture, traditions, and languages thrive. That is the beauty of the nation. "Unity in Diversity"- this is what we have grown up listening. So, why are we letting this unity break this easily in the present era? Did our freedom fighters sacrifice their lives to see this? Brothers fighting with their own brothers? 

No friends, we cannot let our diversity divide us. Yes, there are some people who are just carried away with certain thoughts that are harmful to society but it is our responsibility to bring them also on the right track. After all, they are also our brothers and children.

Moreover, the youth of today is the greatest strength of our nation. They are the base on which the building of the future of our country will b erected. It has become very vital today that they join hands to create a positive environment in the country. They should be refrained from getting influenced by any wrong idea and not only this, but they also should actively participate in protesting against and creating awareness in the society on the same.

Children should be taught from their childhood that all human beings are their brothers and sisters. They should be encouraged to respect all religions and accommodate different views of different people. These kids of today will only shape the near future of the country.

Together we all should speak against vigilantism. Let us spread the idea so that no life gets spoiled because of this terrific act.

Jai Hind!


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