Heartbreak can be a new beginning

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Heartbreak can be a new beginning

We all have gone through heartbreak at some point of time in our life and it is really very painful going through one. The actual problem is that we people think that we execute our body but, in actual, our mind and the hormones control our body. Psychologists say, heartbreak is painful, but unfortunately, a common event in every human's life. Some heartbreak stings us lightly while other bites like a poisonous snake.

A heartbreak can occur due to anything like the loss of a family member(most painful), a friendship, a love relationship, loss of your beloved pet etc. Ever wondered, we, the adults, don't cry for a cut in our finger or for a wound in the leg but we do cry our heart out while going through a heartbreak. This is because 'heartbreak' registers equal, sometimes more, physical pain in our mind than actual physical pain.

A heartbreak can cause stress, anxiety and can load our body with many negative thoughts which sometimes provoke people to commit suicide. Depending on the damage, a heartbreak can take weeks, months and sometimes years to recover. 

But heartbreak can be a new beginning!

Let's understand, more than a social being human is an emotional animal. Some people who act strong and don't cry are sometimes the most emotional beings on the earth. Heartbreak is a reality of life. It makes us get that nothing, else you, is permanent and nothing will be with you forever. The loss is a continuous process and no one can skip out of it. No one!  The real human life is coming out of your comfort zone and facing the reality. If you are in a romantic relationship with someone and the person suddenly ditched you, you will suffer an instant heartbreak because you were feeling very comfortable with him/her and now your comfort zone has lost. In a love relation when you get cheated from someone and get hurt and come out of doing what you were loving to do, you don't feel good. You feel an emptiness in life and you wish the person to come back in life again, but gradually as the time passes you begin feeling envy for the same person; it's that moment when you start becoming strong and you begin to look after your career. If you want to prove something to that person and want to stand out of the crowd just to show that person, you are actually going right. At first, your goals might set up just because of the person but eventually, you will forget the person and the goals will become your priority. Behind most of the successful people, there is a heartbreak! Heartbreak is an eye-opening tablet, in romantic relationships, a heartbreak can improve you as a better lover and moreover an improved social person. 

Apart from romantic relationships, if we talk about other more serious heartbreaks like forever loss of a beloved one, the fundamental thing remains the same. Every heartbreak is the realization of real human life. Losing someone will make us more responsible and matured. A sudden stop in our happiness will definitely be painful but as we come over the heartbreak we come out as a changed and improved person. A positive perception towards heartbreak can help us change our lives in the right direction. Though I don't mean a serious loss is the only key for changing our lives, a heartbreak can definitely start our life from a new point.


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