Hire Rajasthan's 1st SEBI Authorized RTA Agent Company

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Hire Rajasthan's 1st SEBI Authorized RTA Agent Company

In the finance and investment sector, registrar and transfer agents (RTAs) play a significant role in the mutual fund and investment companies when it comes to recording or managing their client's or investors' bulk amount of daily transaction data.

An R&T agent is an authorized trust or organization who perform the duties of maintaining detailed records of investors transactions on behalf of mutual fund and other investment companies in a professional manner. R & T Agent provides its services to three key entities-distributors, investors, and mutual fund companies.

However, to operate as an authorized RTA service provider, the applicants are required to get approval or certification from the Securities and Exchange Board of India, popularly known as SEBI.

SEBI is the key entity who holds the responsibility of governing the two major depositories- NSDL and CDSL in India along with the RTAs, who are also a part of these depositories. SEBI designates RTA, its work as per the guidelines encoded in the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Registrars to an Issue and share transfer agent) Regulations,1993.

One must keep note that to operate as an authorized RTA services provider, the entity must:

  • get registered under any of the two major depositories-NSDL and CDSL in India
  • receive a certificate from SEBI to operate as an authorized RTA Agent.


SAG RTA proudly meets the above two criteria and also hold the laurels of being the SAG RTA 1st SEBI Authorized Registrar and Transfer Agent Company in Rajasthan. Since its origin, SAG RTA is providing high-quality and profitable RTA services to investment clients and firms throughout the country.

SAG Infotech Private limited (Parent company)

The parent company of SAG RTA, SAG Infotech Private Limited is a leading tax solution provider in India with an experience of more than two decades. SAG Infotech is also officially registered as RTA service provider in the RTA list of Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL).

Who can Hire Our Services?

SAG RTA services can be easily hired by different investment companies and mutual fund houses operating across India to save costs and reach a large number of investors. SAG RTA will work as a single-window solution for all the investors on behalf of partner mutual fund houses and other investment firms.

The key RTA services offered by SAG Infotech are given below:

RTA Services-

Securities Denaturalization through NSDL and CDSL Depositories: SAG RTA (Registrar and Share Transfer Agent) offers the facility of security dematerialization to investors so that they can convert their physical shareholdings into the electronic format and also hold them in demat account.

Dividend Payout/Interest having ECS Transfers: SAG RTA credit dividend/ interest directly in the bank account of the investors using the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) facility.

Expertise in Investor Record Keeping and Securities Transfer: SAG RTA can also easily manage investor transactions like buying, selling, processing of emails, etc. that are required to be recorded and maintained correctly each day.

Revalidation of Dividend: SAG RTA also offers the dividend revalidation facility to the investors so that they encash their warrants after the validity period.

Inquiry Handling Via Phone, Mail & Online: Investors will be offered guidance 24X7 through helpline via all possible communication methods like phone, chat assistance, and mail instantly.

Investor Regulatory Reporting: Regulatory reporting related work on behalf of investors will also be taken care with accurate data management.

Reporting, Mailing and Meeting Services for Investors: The investors will be given assistance by informing them about complete procedures related to reporting of transfer and dematerialization, mailing services with complete details, etc.

Share Transfer Certificate: Share transfer form (SH-4) is also available for download on the SAG RTA platform.

Duplicate Share Certificate: Assistance in the issuance of the duplicate share certificate is also offered to the investors.

IEPF Claim settlement: Form No. IEPF-5 (Application to the authority for claiming unpaid amounts and shares out of Investor Education and Protection Fund) is also provided for IEPF claim settlement.

Change of Name/Name Deletion/Transposition/Transmission: Separate forms for transmission/transposition/name deletion/change of name are also available on the RTA platform.

Signature and Address Change: The affidavit format for both signature and address change are also available on the RTA portal of SAG.

RTA Forms Available on the SAG RTA Portal:

A wide range of  Download RTA Forms available on SAG RTA Portal must be filled by the investors for making transmission/transposition/name deletion/change of name. Further, in some instances, the investors also make changes in their signature and address for which they need to fill an affidavit in the prescribed format. All such forms and affidavit formats are available on the official Registrar & Transfer Agent portal of SAG Infotech, which can be easily downloaded by the investors.

Here is a List of some important RTA Forms or Letter Available on the RTA Portal of SAG Infotech:

  • Form IEPF 5 (Form IEPF 5 Help)
  • Application Form for Change in Signature(s)-Bank Attestation
  • Application Form for Transmission or Transposition or Name Deletion

All About SAG RTA From Registration To Media Publication:

SAG RTA is a widely known Registrar & Share Transfer Agent within the mutual fund houses as well as in the investment clients. It further gained its name from the newspaper coverage across the country defining its services and foray into mutual fund house service provider.


which is registered not long ago, February 2019 to be exact, is well doing in the RTA segment and is a proud leader in the Rajasthan region for being an only Registrar and Transfer Agent Service by SAG RTA  provider.

RTA Features:

  • Login Dashboard for Professionals and Clients are provided Separately.
  • Professional (CA/CS/Other) can track record of multiple Clients (Company) in a single login.
  • Fee calculator will be available for calculation of total fees
  • Connectivity will be provided with both Depositories (CDSL/NSDL).
  • Professional & experienced team support on Call/email.
  • On-time Tracking dashboard will be available for tracking documents send by RTA to depositories (NSDL & CDSL).
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