#Honor killing..a sign of fanatism!!

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#Honor killing..a sign of fanatism!!

Honour killing

How many of you remember the scene of the movie "Pk" where pk advised Ranbir Kapoor that on earth you can abuse anyone, fight anyone in open but beware of showing love in open..that is not allowed.

An irony!

Well let me introduce you with similar instance "Honour killing"

Every year 5000 person become a victim of the so-called honour killing worldwide and to all this only India and Pakistan contributes to 40% of the killing. 

Well, I want to ask: What is honour in killing a couple who decided to live with their own choice. Does marrying or eloping with their love is such a heinous act that make them pay their life as a punishment? 

Well, the greater irony is that this happens in a country wherein every 100 movies 99 are about love. If they are so phobic with just an idea of love or choice then what is the reason that the love is the dominating subject for all sorts of entertainment, be they are songs, movies or daily soaps. 

Society, in which we live, treats arrange marriage as the best method to choose a life partner. Parents are so much obsessed with the idea that they feel if they only have the right to choose a spouse for their children, and guess what they will choose and will let them tie a knot with the person whom they have chosen with a method similar to gambling. Isn't it astonishing? not only this they will frown and can even kill the couple who choose another but a wise way to marry. If we speculate the reason we will find that they are stuck in an idiotic concept of marrying within the same caste and the clan.

Why Inter-caste/ inter-religion marriage is still taboo?

The answer will definitely turn you mad if you get to know that marrying within a religion or caste is actually a method to increase the population with a similar genetic pool. The method that has actually created and still creating a divide between every caste or a religion. According to every person who still believes that love marriages are bad, living in a paranoia that marrying a person with different caste or religion can actually leave them with no difference between the humans divided on the basis of caste or religion..(slow claps)!!

How bad idea is that to see a human first then a person following (XYZ) religion or belongs to (XYZ )caste later...right!? Obviously one must not let the divide created in the Vedic era to diminish right..!? 

well above all how can a murderer think that they are doing a great deed by killing an adult couple? How they convince themselves that by killing they are able to restore their honour... Is the answer lies in an idea that in our country killing a life is less severe deed than choosing a life partner on their own(forgetting all the divides created within the society)...









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