How A Chartered Accountant became Billionaire - Principles of Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani

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How A Chartered Accountant became Billionaire - Principles of Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani

I am sure you must have heard about this great Indian - Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani!

If not, you must know who is he and what he has done in his life having a degree which you also have. That's right - He is a Chartered Accountant too.

He is a real estate tycoon who has build various renowned projects that not provides house but a lifestyle. He is an Indian Billionaire entrepreneur who has achieved significance in life by his sheer hard work and dedication.

But his journey was not easy. Let's see how he started?

He started his career by teaching accounts. But his willingness to do something big led him to entrepreneurship journey.

He started with Textile unit and then started Real estate business as well. He was not doing good in both the businesses. He had loans to repay and was not sure what should be done?

Then he decided to leave textile business and move forward with Real Estate business only. He never looked back after his decision. He created his empire which will be remembered forever.

So, today I am going to share few key principles which made Mr Hiranandani what is he today!

1. Be consistent

Whatever you do in life, be consistent. Many people start something new and leave in between because of struggles or defeats.

We need to hard on ourself to keep pushing our limits and keep doing every single day. One day will come when we will be able to see how far we have come and achieved what had thought few months or years back.

Your mental toughness plays a very important role in your success journey.

2. Have a big vision

Your limit is your vision. You can achieve anything provided you have big vision and dream. Mr Hiranandani is a first generation businessman. Most of the business people who made it big had a great vision.

Take an example of Mr Narendra Modi who was Tea seller but he had a big vision and that is why he is able to become PM of this amazing country.

3. Have a mentor

If you want to reduce your trial and error time, you should have a mentor. Your mentor will guide you to achieve your goals faster.

It doesn't meant that mentors will do the work. It just means that they will show you the right way to move in right direction.

Whatever I am doing in my life, it is all because of my world class mentors. So, have a mentor for yourself to fast track your career.

4. One step a time

You don't have to take big steps while starting. Take small steps. Take one step at a time.

If you try to achieve all things at one go, it will not happen.

Take step > Learn > Move > Take another step > Fail > Learn > Star > Grow.

Remember, what we discussed in 1st point?


Scroll up and see.

That's right. BE CONSISTENT. Do not get disheartened by defeat.

Defeat is not alternative to success. It is part of success.
5. Keep learning

I know everything. I am comfortable where I am. I don't want to learn new things. This are said by mediocre people who are not willing to change their life but always ready to criticize various external factors.

Mr Hiranandani always believe in learning. He learnt musical instrument at this age because he had this hunger to learn continuously. If you want to grow at his speed, learn at his speed.

6. Define your goals clearly

First of all, have goals for yourself. Secondly, define your goals clearly because Clarity = power!

Then, write daily your goals on a paper.

Imagine, you are in your car and willing to go to Delhi from Mumabi. If you don't put Delhi in destination, how Map will show you direction?

Similarly, if you don't define your goals, how can you expect direction for your goals?

7. Do not compare

You are unique. Your dreams are unique. Your purpose is unique. In short, you are not here on this planet to compete with others. If you want to compare with someone, compare with yourself.

He also said that -

If you are little bit better than what you were yesterday - YOU WILL NEVER FAIL.
When you compare yourself with others, you degrade yourself because it suggests that you are denying your unique element given by the universe.

I would like to mention one phrase which he used during his one of TEDx talk which is really profound - Biggest competitor of Niranjan Hiranandani is not someone else but he himself.

Alright, these are the secrets by one an only amazing personality Mr Hiranandani!

Did you learn something?

I know your answer because these are the principles followed by Billionaire Mr Hiranandani.

Since you have read till here, here is bonus for YOU:

Ultimate Formula of LIFE by Mr. Hiranandani's mentor

It is no use trying your best. Because afterwards, you will say - I tried my best but unable to achieve it. It is not enough to do best.

I hope you got value from it and it gave you an inspiration that - You can do it provided you follow these principles.

If you care for your loved ones, do share this article with them so that they also learn what you learnt just now. We all can help each other.

Your Friend,


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