How CA can make career choice?

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How CA can make career choice?

Becoming a Chartered Accountant itself is a great achievement in a person's life!

A CA can never forget the date when they see - PASS - PASS! I still remember 16 July 2015. Do you remember too?

For few days, we celebrate our victory. We feel happy. We feel out of the world.

Any why not. We deserve it. We have earned it from our endless efforts.

But, within few days we start thinking about our future career!

Isn't it?

Should I go for Job? Or, should I go for practice? Should I start a new venture? Should I join corporate?

There are many question which hits our mind while deciding a career which can give us a great life in terms of money, time, growth, learning, satisfaction and fulfillment.

I was also facing this challenge and therefore, I understand you.

In most of the cases, CA do their articleship in audit or tax profile. Some people also go for M&A, finance related areas etc. during their articleship...

Then we think, we should pursue our career in audit or tax because we have devoted 3 years in it and this is what a CA generally opt for!

What happens here is - We narrow down our thoughts to pursue our career either in audit or taxation! Right?

We have also heard from people around that these are most sought options for a CA - Audit or Tax.

But do you REALLY think that these are only areas where a Chartered Accountant can pursue career?

STOP and think for a minute!!

My answer to this question is NO.

I wrote a post few days back on this issue and few people in comment and personally asked me something interesting...

Do you want to know what is that?

If neither Audit nor Tax, then, what profile should I go with?

Now, Imagine you had this question in your mind and you asked me...

And I told you - Join Direct Taxation (for example)!

Would you join? Or, even if you join, will you be happy in long run if you are not inclined towards direct taxation?

I believe you will say NO!

And that's exactly my point. I am not the right person to tell you what profile you should go with because I don't know what gives you happiness?

Then who is the RIGHT PERSON who can decide your career where you feel fulfilled and happy?


Yes, you guessed it right - YOU!

You know yourself better than anyone. You know what you like. You know what suits you. You know what is your interest. You know what is your calling. You know what excites you.


Also, do not restrict yourself to core CA areas because...

CA Degree is not deciding factor of your life. Rather, it is an amplifier to whatever you do in life ~ Shubham Mittal
Do you want a hint to help yourself to find out what you love to do in life?


I will give you 2 hints :)

Hint #1

• FORGET that you are a Chartered Accountant when you are thinking what do you really love. Why?

• Because when you think from a CA mind, you unknowingly restrict yourself to audit or tax or finance only. Ok?

Now, Hint #2

• Make a list on paper. Yes - Write it down with a pen. Atleast, you can do this for your own future!

Some of you may think - I am looking only money. Whatever work is there, I will do it. Yes, I have met people like this.

So, if you are the one who only focuses on money, here's my personal experience and it's upto you whether you consider it or ignore it BECAUSE IT IS YOUR LIFE!

You will earn money any which ways because you are a CA. There is no doubt about it. BUT I believe it is important to focus on what you really love to do because at one point in life - You will realise happiness and fulfillment from work is much more important than money!

Just give a thought for a minute. You spend almost half of your day at workplace and if you don't like what you do - You are wasting your half day!

If you are really serious about your life and future, my sincere advice would be - Find out what you love and do that thing.

PLEASE do not be a mediocre Chartered Accountant who spends life working all the time and that too without enjoyment.

You have earned this noble degree and you have all the right to make your life grand like Kumar Manglam Birla, Niranjan Hiranandani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Motilal Oswal, Raamdeo Agrawal, Suresh Prabhu, Piyush Goyal and many many more...

If you are reading this - Do a favor to yourself and implement what you read just now!

If you have any questions for me, do let me know in comment section or personal message.

Your Friend,


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