How computers affect student performance, the good and the bad?

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How computers affect student performance, the good and the bad?

Necessity is the mother of inventions. With this realization an invention came up which could make the human life more comforting, the birth of computers bestowed upon the human with countless opportunities to make complicated work transform to a simpler one. Computers have touched heights in providing ease to the present generation, be it in the field if technology, studies, entertainment or current affairs. They have been successful not only in providing knowledge but also to save time. Every coin has two sides similarly there are two sides of every invention that is made. Talking about the brighter side, there are endless ways in which computers help students. Students are taught and made to learn the usage of computers early in their primary classes. Computers are that gift of technology without which work in several fields becomes troublesome. With the aid of computers record maintenance has become efficient. Projects given to students have elevated their standards as with computer and Internet they have much more ideas and new ways to explore and implement on their project topics. This further enhances the mind of students broadening their mindset towards an imaginative world. There are a number of educational videos and games to which students are attracted to aid them in their studies.

For recreational purpose too computers nowadays are the topmost priority of students. Several games increase the ability of students to manage several things at one time. Computers have also made communication easier. Anyone out there is just a text away from you. Students can connect with people from all over the nations and propose their ideas.

Another great advantage computers provide is the ability to store data. With the increase in technology mostly the study materials are of pdf formats or PowerPoint presentations. The storage of all these files whether being small or big can be done easily on our computers. Educational trips, school trips etc captured on cameras can also be stored in computers which are kept safe in the long run, moreover, they can be systematically classified into different categories and stored in different folders for ease. All your arithmetical guide is your computer system. You can solve equations etc on it in just a few seconds. It is completely User-friendly and all you need is just click away.

Students today are more curious about any and everything, computers with Internet connection give wings to their curious minds paving several solutions for their problems out of which with the deep knowledge they can choose their best answer and calm their curious fire within. With curiosity develops the sharp mind. This, therefore, provide sharper minds to the nation, building kids for future development.

Apart from all the good that this little angel does for us, it still has its own disadvantages. Computers though when correctly used for educational works prove a boon but distractions are in a bunch. Like said anything you need is just a click away, the basic distraction lies in the fact that the pop-ups and the suggestions that browsers provide often lead young minds to search for things they didn't think at first. For example, when they start typing 'What are the benefits of Computers', the devil-minded suggestion pops up 'What are the benefits of using cheats in GTA', enough for any kid to get distracted and move forward to look up for the GTA cheats. This is amongst the major disadvantages of computers.

On the other hand use of computers for a longer period can cause strain in your eyes and not only that but could cause headaches which further cause hindrance to your daily routine. Health issues may arise due to the improper time interval from the usage of computers. With computers providing access to everything in the world students usually engage themselves in evil things or certain activities which can cause harm to them. For example gambling or the use of pornographic sites, these sites provide sexual content which is otherwise not good for students to indulge in, they make them treat other individuals as sex tools. The dark sides of computers also spread its roots in the world of hacking. Hacking done legally is okay, but students under peer pressure opt for hacking which though fun has got dark consequences.

Computers can make you or break you. The project works as discussed above have a support of ideas from the computer, but most students find it more easy to copy the same content from different websites rather than just using them as a reference. This doesn't alleviate the academic performance of students for they engage themselves in plagiarised content. This somewhere has reduced the students' ability to think for certain problems on their own for they can just search for anything they need on the computer without much difficulty. This has made students a little lazier. Social media has another hand in the decrease in student's performance. Students tend to spend much time chatting with their mates which reduces the time which could have been used doing something beneficial. This has divided there study time for Facebook attracts them much more than their textbook. Games over computer have caused a lack of the health development as outdoors games are nowhere much comparable to the indoor game. Students have started sitting over computers for long which causes back pain too.

Another drawback is with an increase in the ability to communicate over computers, it has decreased the social involvement of a child. They tend to spend less time with their family and more over the computer knowing and connecting with people who might be totally unknown to them. This without their knowledge can also attract future problems. They have become less vocal in real and more in the virtual world. This, therefore, declines their ability to meet and discover new people in the real world and has taken them away from their own parents.

I would like to conclude by saying that you can't change the spots of the leopard, similarly, it doesn't matter when we say about all the advantages or disadvantages, it is the person and his mindset who will break him or make him. What sound comes out of a flute depends on how you play it. It's us in the end who will master our development. The computer is of critical importance today. Usage of it if handled wisely can perform wonders and if not can do blunders.


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