How India can handle her Monsoons better!

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How India can handle her Monsoons better!

          Our Indian Peninsula, our motherland is blessed with the Himalayas in the north to protect us from the severe cold and intruders, the Arabian sea in the west, Indian Ocean to the South and the Bay of Bengal in the East, which play a vital role in providing monsoon rains to the subcontinent, which have a great effect on the country's economy. The monsoons do not promise uniform rainfall throughout the land, during the apt season, but is erratic in nature at times like the current situation that prevails in Kerala, which is a real tragedy and nightmare...landslides, overflow of dams, flooded rivers causing huge damage to the lives and property of the inhabitants. On the other hand we face severe drought and scarcity of water.

       Mawsynram near Cherrapunji in State of Meghalaya receives 1187 cm of rainfall, the highest in the world, while Thar desert in Rajasthan receives less than 25 cm.Gujarat and the Deccan plateau are particularly prone to drought, while the heavy monsoons accompanied by stormy clouds creates havoc at times due to unprecedented rainfall over the coastal regions .The Monsoon may also withdraw earlier than usual or may persist longer than usual.

      The Cauvery issues between Karnataka and Tamilnadu, Mullai Periyar issue between Kerala and Tamilnadu need to be handled with great diplomacy and efficacy as it plays a vital role in satisfying the water needs for agriculture and domestic needs of the people of both the states. The nation as a whole requires water for all core needs, which has to be provided at any cost without any interruption or delay. We cannot imagine a life without water, as it is a basic and essential amenity in day to day life and a country like India cannot withdraw herself from this fundamental duty towards its citizens.

      So I strongly feel there is a need for a feasible Water Management system to save water for future needs and to channelize the floods during times of Monsoon rains. This is possible only by linking all the rivers from North to South, East to West .The Perennial Rivers Ganga ,Yamuna and Brahmaputra if linked with all the rivers in the Deccan region down to the south ,North India can stay safe during floods and the south will never face water scarcity at all.

Will our dreams come true in the near future...Lets hold hands to work out this dream project into reality!

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