How much does Bharat Bandh cost?

Jay Patel
Jay Patel
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How much does Bharat Bandh cost?

The Indian National Congress and 21 other parties called for Bharat bandh on Monday 10th of September 2018 against rising fuel prices.

This is not the first time Political parties have used "Bharat Bandh" as means for showing there political power neither it will be last time.

Not sure if this bandh culture against does some  real good for the society but pretty sure that it does harm the economy , as per estimate Mondays Bharat Bandh will cost the Economy a days productivity.

So effectively the bandh cost the nation close to INR 40000000000+i.e 4000+ crore.

Even if we assume 75% effectiveness of bandh the loss is pegged north of 3000 crore.

And this just productivity loss add to it Vandalism cost which Party workers will engage in.Not only the monetary loss we did a lose a childs life as well due to the bandh.(Political workers blocked the traffic due to which a child in Bihar passed away in the ambulance unable to reach the hospital in time)

So is Bharat Bandh Really worth it!

It's time we introspect and look into our way of protesting against the government.



Note: Calculation of estimation of loss to economy

India's GDP (2017) : USD 2.61 trillion

Growth Rate (Last Quarter): 8.2% p.a

Days Productivity: 2.61×8.2%× 1/365 *70₹/$ = 4104.49 crore

​​​So next time a political party propose's Bandh , they better repay the cost to the nation!







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