How to decide the right career option??

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 How to decide the right career option??

It is really difficult to sometime figure out what should be the right career option for you. Many times it happens that though we choose a stream we later realize that this wasn’t where we wanted to land. Thus I thought to share some of my personal experiences and thought process with you that might help you in some sense to decide what is the correct way to choose the most suitable option for your career path.

As we move forward there are various changes in our mindset and in our all over personality. This happens because we come to know that there are many things in this world of what we weren’t aware of in the beginning. Along with it we also realise what are we really passionate about.

Some lucky ones discover their passion soon and thus get very clear with where they wish to land. Some others realize it after some time but ultimately when they do so they are happy. And others never introspect to understand themselves and are always caged by either their loved ones’ or self-created boundaries.

I think that the discovery of ones passion should start from the school itself. There are some ways through which one can do so like if a student is more interested in social studies there are much chances that he may like to go for civil services etc. in the near future. If civics particularly interest him/her then maybe Law would be what he is passionate towards. If bio interests him/her more, medical would be an option. If the student is good in science and loves to solve maths then probably technology would fascinate him/her more.

Thus right from the schooling itself, the interest of the student can be discovered with the help of teachers and parents and he/she can be guided accordingly.

It is fairly simple if we look. The problem starts when there is family pressure or the student himself/herself create a self-pressure getting swayed away by friends and family. It should be noted here that a career path may give you something but if your heart doesn’t rest there you wouldn’t be satisfied and at your last breath, you will realise that your life was literally nothing but just a never-ending and unworthy race.

It is never too late. Many times it also happens that one realises that a particular place is not the perfect one after actually reaching there and that’s Okie. As soon as this realization dawns upon you, you should start introspecting and finding what your heart wants and starting aiming at it. Let not the walls erected by the society cage you and take you away from the happiness.

Take risks! change paths! Assert your individuality! Just let there be no regrets at the end.


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