How to live your life king size: Indian TV serial style

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How to live your life king size: Indian TV serial style

Whether you agree or not, Indian TV serials are the BEST in the world. No, seriously. Where else would you get to see humans who have so much drama in their lives, and yet manage to never even let an "Uff" out of their lipstick clad mouths? Right from falling in love with the girl whom he'll meet 5 seconds after her dupatta falls on his face; to dancing with their wives almost every other day, the men seem to have some sort of self-running business empire.

And oh, don't EVEN get me started on the woman. Such creativeness in their characters, I must say! They are love interests, Choti Bahu, Badi Bahu, Evil Stepmother, Evil mother-in-law, Evil Sister-in-law, get it. 

Now tell me, who wouldn't be fascinated with their lives with constant background music and endless zoom in and outs? And if you're one of them, here are some tips that will help you live life, Indian TV serial style. 

  • There's no such thing as 'work' 
Who would want to do that anyway? This especially applies to the women. No matter how much passion you had in your childhood to become something, you should always end up forgetting that and serving your family instead. Okay, max to max you can be a sidekick or trophy for your father or husband or brother's business. Also, be ready to suddenly take over their business in case something happens to them; because, no matter your qualification, your experience or other deserving candidates, nepotism zindabad!  And don't forget, even after that, family always comes first, and you will be asked to leave any day. 

  • Get proficient in dancing and singing and cooking 
One thing I love about TV serials, regardless of your gender you WILL dance. Even in Ladies Sangeet nights, the men have special roles to play. How non-binary! But wait, if you're a man who knows cooking, never miss a chance to flaunt that. No dude, you're a freaking rare species! Like cooking, no that's not something a man should know or do. 

  • Don't get a life
In a nutshell, just don't get a life. Limit your experiences as much as you can. Wake up, dress up, plan (up) and snore up. What plans you ask? Nothing too fancy like getting a career or building your life. Simple ones such as how to celebrate a wedding, how to make your clearly abusing relationship a fairytale.

That would be all for now. Keep rolling the same cassette until next time, for at least 3 months! (Strong TV serial reference. GoT fans wouldn't get it.)

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