How to Sell on a white-label online course platform?

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Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma
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How to Sell on a white-label online course platform?

What is White Label?

The term white label has been derived from products with unmarked packaging. These unmarked products when sold gets customised & branded and then sold. White-label online course platforms are the online platforms which are designed according to your needs. You can add your own domain name and other branding material before selling your courses online.

Since online course creators do not have the resources or time to design, develop & maintain the whole online course website & mobile apps from scratch.

Spayee is one such platform which provides you with a branded online course website as well as mobile apps. All you have to do is upload your courses and start selling them.

That being said, you can drastically customize the look and feel of a standard platform and sell how you would like to.

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Why do I need a White Label online course platform?

Branding plays a significant role in marketing. Branding is mainly a marketing practice where a company creates a unique name, symbol or design which belongs to the company and is used as the company’s identification.

Having a strong brand presence assures that the world recognizes the unique characteristics of your company and associate it with some ideas or your product/service.

Hence, creating a powerful brand would help you sell more courses, price higher as well as stand out from the crowd.

To make it even more clear here is why you would prefer a white-label course platform:

Exclusivity – It gives a feeling that you have created something from scratch and are offering a higher-valued proposition.

Consistency – Your learners will have a seamless experience. They would stay at your website or mobile app instead of visiting an unfamiliar environment. The virtual environment will feel secure. This experience goes along with unique design elements, your company’s colours, logo as well as fonts.

Experience –Spayee offers a unique, fun and interactive experience. However, the best part is that you can customize the learning journey of your customers as per your brands’ persona. This means you can customize the landing pages, create multimedia course content as well as create unique web pages.

Value & Price – Having a well-built platform is valuable to your online institute. It attracts new customers, investors, buyers as well as allows you to keep a high-ticket pricing.

Trust – In a virtual world, if somebody is learning from you, they already trust you. Hence, if you launch something under your brand name it will be more trustworthy then it could have been otherwise. This process allows your learners to keep coming back into your courses.

Advertising – Brand consistency helps big time in advertising. While using the social media or running paid ads, your branded course platform helps in the continuation of your funnel. It just increases the likelihood of someone buying.

Custom vs White-Label Course Platform

If I ain’t wrong, you might have asked yourself, what if I become the developer, combine a few WordPress plugins and launch the whole platform myself.

It is just the same as asking whether to buy a car or try creating one on your own just because you think you can. Well, Elon Musk managed to do it with a few billions.

Even if you somehow manage to build your course platform, it will demand time, money & great knowledge. There are so many nuances involved.

Getting it from somebody who knows how to do it is a sensible decision. You can’t do everything on your own. Hence, you need companies like Spayee to do it for you.

You should only be focusing on how to create & market your course.

  • You will have all of these combined:
  • E-learning industry expertise
  • In-house developers & designers
  • Tech-support
  • Regular updates
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