Hypnosis Can Help You in the Corporate World

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Hypnosis Can Help You in the Corporate World

Work environment today is full of day-to-day stress, further compounded by poor leadership and job insecurity.

Majority of people are enduring the daily grind of the corporate environment to keep their jobs going. However, stress, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, juggling family life, not to mention "horrible bosses," all take a toll on work and daily life.

In my professional career, I have run my own businesses and held senior positions with several multinational companies. Having seen up-close the ‘stressful environment’ within the corporate world, I wanted to help my corporate colleagues meet the work challenges and lead a peaceful life.

I had the opportunity to watch a hypnosis show and I realized how powerful the human mind is. It struck me that there are more ways to utilize hypnosis than simply making people laugh. I felt that Hypnosis is that secret weapon which can be used to effectively tackle many work-life challenges. In the hands of an experienced therapist, Hypnosis can be used to create a state of well being and offers many advantages.

This led me to undertake, study, training and certification in hypnotherapy and several mind, body, consciousness subjects. I conducted several therapy sessions for work-life issues and helped several individuals to claim their life back and unlock their potential.

How Hypnosis Works

Our subconscious mind is the storehouse of all our beliefs, memories and experiences. Any limiting belief we carry in our subconscious can have a negative effect on our life and work. Hypnosis works by providing access to the deep subconscious mind, where, with the help of right suggestions, the limiting beliefs can be changed.

Within the workplace, hypnosis can help change a person's mindset and help them not only cope, but also get ahead. Some specific areas where hypnosis can help are listed as follows:

Combat Fear and Phobias

Hypnosis can help deal with irrational fears or phobias. Most phobias develop as a by-product of traumatic experiences and also from our genetics. Hypnotherapy is considered an easy, natural way to help ease these fears and their impact in the workplace.

For example, if an employee is afraid of confrontation or feels fear when required to make routine presentations, such employees may start ignoring client meetings or avoid co-worker interactions and their productivity will decline. Hypnotherapy is a good option to explore to conquer those underlying fears that may limit workplace success.

Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Hypnotherapy is very helpful in soothing anxiety. Hypnosis relaxes the body and mind and is a great tool to fight work-related stress. Today’s multitasking environment, where one needs to handle a multitude of tasks, clients, and other requirements of the job under a time constraint or deadline,  proves to be stressful. While some workplace stress is inevitable, over-stress can mean serious performance and health issues. Targeting negative thoughts and feelings through hypnosis, employees report sleeping better, handling tasks better and reduced anxiety.

Stress tends to have a negative impact on the physical body as well, leading to lower immunity, weight gain or loss and many other illnesses. By using hypnosis to tackle stress, an employee can improve his overall health and sense of well being.

Increase Confidence

Lack of confidence is the biggest drawback in one’s career. Often, only those confident enough to ask for a raise or promotion, get one. In sales, team management, and taking higher responsibilities, the confidence of the employees is of extreme importance. Hypnosis can help develop a renewed sense of purpose, confidence and self-worth. Individuals with a keen understanding of their strengths and weaknesses tend to be more successful in their professional relationships.

Increase Memory, concentration and wisdom

Hypnosis also helps increase concentration and memory, which helps in working in a more organized and proficient manner.  By using specific techniques, hypnosis can "unlock" pathways in the brain, which can help improve discrimination and decision-making capabilities.

Improve Business outcome

Stress, anxiety or a lack of confidence can have a detrimental effect on business decisions. Using hypnosis, these obstacles can be removed and focus towards the desired traits and business objectives can be increased. Moreover, hypnosis can also lead one to a path of self-awareness and develop a holistic perspective towards events and life. These types of skills are hugely important for career development and vocational success.

-- Hypnotherapist Amit Manocha


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