If Beijing can Why not Delhi?

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If Beijing  can Why not Delhi?

We always have heard of poets,writers describe the beauty of clear blue unpolluted sky .But nowadays unfortunately   residents of Delhi can not enjoy this beauty of nature because of pollution, pollution, and only pollution.  So please think today "what will we pass to our next generation?  Recently a report suggested that after 10 years the Beijing sky has again became blue. When I saw the difference in the picture of both the sky I could not believe my eyes.  The sky of Beijing was crystal clear and on the other hand the sky of Delhi was haze covered with smoke . 

Four to five years ago both were almost equal if we take into ppm count.The ppm was in the range of 250_300. Both the cities were competing for the top position in the most polluted list . But today the result is unbelievable.  Being has achieved what it tried to achieve  and Delhi  lags far behind.If the reports are to be believed then in 2017 the pollution level of whole China has reduced drastically by 6%. and the Chinese government is determined to lessen their dependence on coal for energy  by 2%  this year. we cannot say the reports are wrong because the results are visible to all. So if Beijing can do it why not Delhi. 

The only difference between the two is the level of determination, hard work and commitment of government and people.  In China government whenever decides anything every one just works in that direction till they reach the destination but unfortunately India just the opposite happens. When Indian government formulates any strategy first of all the politicians in the opposition starts finding fault  just for the sake of opposition  and from the day one they start doing destructive politics. Then comes the turn of the common people.  Our people tops the world in case of lethargic, lack of determination, almost no will power etc. They never believe in doing something for the betterment of the country . They always think some one else will do it. 

So from today both the government and the citizens should come together.  They should follow the Chinese formula of making Beijing pollution free. 

So just think HOW WILL WE MAKE OUR DELHI A BETTER PLACE THAN BEIJING .In this way at least we will be able to preserve our environment for our future generations. So that they can see the crystal clear blue sky above their head and not in the pictures only.This will be a perfect gift to our coming generation from us. Let us begin from today. 


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