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Have you ever wondered why your thought process and your day to day actions don't correlate with each other? Why do you live a totally different life from the one you have thought? You may have read a lot of articles about this before, but maybe you are more or less the same person. All those reading may not have wholly benefited you.

Then, my dear reader, it all starts with the right actions. If you would follow the right set of action then they would give the desired result in life.

All our thoughts, actions and functioning of our mind can be divided into two categories:


A) Conscious Knowledge: The knowledge we have learned with time while growing up and consume through our senses.

B) Conscious Actions: These are the actions that are learned by the mind over time through repeated actions and now are automatic e.g driving a car etc.


C) Unconscious Knowledge: The knowledge that comes naturally through heredity in the human mind.

D) Unconscious Actions: The actions that are controlled by the mind, without us being aware of them. e.g The breathing controlled by the mind and all those functions that are going in the body and we are unaware about them.

We can gain control over our actions by changing the Conscious into the Unconscious. Well here is what I mean and how it can be done.

The unconscious actions can be defined as a habit and action or thought repeated again and again over time, till it becomes a habit.

For example, the actions will take and I thought processes are first our conscious actions and thoughts that being repeated overtime, again and again, are developed into unconscious actions and thoughts.

After that our minds repeat them without us knowing about them and then we wonder why we are behaving in a particular way or taking an action in a particular way and we have no control over it and we don't have a defined way we can change it hence we feel useless and feel that we can't change.

For example, what we feel about a particular situation , we cannot change it by giving positive affirmations to our mind such as it is good or even if we force ourselves to feel good or in a different way for that particular situation.


Basically what happens is that our conscious thoughts about a particular thing are formed when they are repeated over time and are changed into the unconscious thoughts which means the mind acts according to them without ourselves noticing them. Then the repetition of the thought process again and again and they are fed into the mind in that manner.

But like any habit, it can be changed over time by our conscious efforts as we can bring a conscious chain of thoughts in our mind and can change accordingly as we need.

Basically, it's like you are wandering in a dark room and you could see only those things that the torch illuminates just like that you can make any conscious thought in mind to change it into an unconscious but it all depends upon what thoughts one chooses that is why it is often said that one should always keep a positive mindset because our thoughts and mindset repeated again
and again over time becomes particular and becomes an unconscious part of the mind and then it controls us.

One more thing that you should remember for change is a Thumb Rule: If it is out of the mind it is out of life, means if your mind forgets about a particular thought then it won't last in your life anymore. Means you feel bad for a particular situation like a death of a relative then it won't bother you when the thought is no longer accessible in your mind or it doesn't come to remind you about it. Once you forget about it and it would happen as if it has never happened in your life.

Just like your childhood memories, there are so many lot of memories that you could not remember now because you are no longer in touch in mind as any memory or actions of thoughts.


Then the main thing is how to change a conscious thought to unconscious thought or action and how to eliminate a bad habit or an unnecessary thought from your mind.

Main thing you got to remember is we have to take actions and not think about any details related to the actions.

Do you remember how we learn to ride a car. At first, you think about everything from the accelerator to steering to brakes to balance.

You notice almost everything and in this situation, the main thing that is action and focus is reduced.

What about I'm not thinking about the driving in the mind the action takes over then you know no longer have to think about the brakes the steering, accelerator or anything else. You drive the car unconsciously without even knowing about it could drive it even when you are talking to a person or looking somewhere else, it is taken care of by the unconscious part of the mind.

So what you should do is reduce your focus and attention from the actions you no longer want in your life and shift your energy towards building the habits and thoughts you want in your life. It could be done by taking small actions at a time, and then over time they would automatically shift to the unconscious part of your mind and you would feel the change. Like wise, you could feel the change your thoughts and actions by changing them from conscious to the unconscious .


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