If you don’t implement this critical process, your customers will never feel valued

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If you don’t implement this critical process, your customers will never feel valued

"Bhaiya, how was the golgappa chaat? Was it as tasty as you expected it to be?", Raghu asked us eagerly.

My best friend and I are fond of tasting eatables at different roadside stalls. So, as usual, we stopped at a new stall and ordered a “golgappa” chaat.

The vendor impressed us by preparing the chaat hygienically and serving in a plate along with tissue papers.

After we finished it, he politely asked, “Bhaiya, how was the taste of the chaat? Was it too spicy?”. He also asked us whether the price of the chaat was worth the quality and taste.

We were in awe of the vendor since we didn’t expect him to ask detailed feedback. We appreciated the taste and his way of serving chaat to the customers. Also, we suggested him a few points for improvement. However, we praised him more for asking detailed feedback and being customer-centric.

He replied, “Bhaiya, your feedback would help me in improving my services, even if you criticise me. For me, customers come first. When I ask for feedback, my customer knows that I intend to improve, and he ignores even my mistakes too.”

Raghu is not an alumnus of IIM or other B-school; however, he is a master in impressing the customers and growing the business multifold.

Many startups and businesses don’t implement an essential process – “Asking for customer feedback”.

You make products for customers; you sell services to clients

You and your team are pulling an all-nighter to build a world-class product for the customers or deliver exemplary services to the clients. Wouldn’t you like to ask their opinion? - That opinion or suggestion is “customer feedback”.

Your competitor and market analysis are crucial for developing a product or strategising a service. However, its ultimate success depends on the customers’ preferences. Customer insights can help you in modifying or improvising a product or service to keep it as customer-friendly as possible.

Customers feel valued and connect with your brand emotionally

People love to describe their liking or disliking for a product or service. When you ask for an opinion, the customers feel valued. They connect with you and your company, which results in longer relationships and growth in business.

Take action, don’t merely collect data

While customer feedback is a useful tool for increasing customer experience, it can backfire if not used smartly.

52% of people around the globe believe that companies should take action on feedback provided by the clients. (Source – CustomerThermometer).

Hence, companies should ponder upon the valuable opinions and suggestions and do the required changes accordingly.

Convert customers into brand promoters

When customers feel satisfied with your products and services, they become your brand promoters. Out-of-mouth-publicity builds more credibility and trust, which leads to stronger and sustainable relationships.

Remember, it all starts by asking, “How was it? Did you like it?”

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