Ignite Your Passion

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Ignite Your Passion

Every person or individual has a passion. Only a very few people ignite their passion and become successful in their lives, while others get passion only for a lesser period of time. According to the Webster dictionary, the word PASSION means"intense or violent emotion, a great liking or enthusiasm". 

Today due to rush, rush people do not have time for it, so there is no passion and secondly, they do not want to be passionate about it also. Next people do not know as for how to follow through your passion. While the first step is to realise your passion (in which field or which activities make you more passionate). Here are some of the steps that will help in getting your passion and your passion of fire should not die out.

WHY SHOULD WE HAVE PASSION AT ALL. Passion is the most important thing with each individual and to some degree, each one posses also, but here the degree of passion may vary from individual to individual. Looking at the positive side of it passion brings best among the best in the individuals, but here we ourselves are responsible for which direction we would like to take it to. Secondly, in challenging situations in our daily life, it is the passion that brings us the best in us and we come out victorious beating all adversaries of life.

Firstly passion equals dedication. If a thing worth doing, then its worth doing to the best of your abilities...Pick up what you want to do or what interests you. Then you ensure that you give the best shot to it. Next passion leads to positive thinking. Instead of looking for excuses, look for it as an opportunity to grow and expand. Perhaps keeping to-do lists at work will help one to prioritise better .Passion  needs to be planned. Opportunities cannot be executed without a plan. So try making a plan. And once you have a plan then stick to it and make sure it happens. 

Next passion leads to evolving. By evolve I mean here to grow professionally and personally. As one grows, the passion also grows. Try to find out more about whatever interests you. Read, meet, interact and take it to the next level. The sense of achievement is worth it. The passion also balances the individual. A passion by its nature can be consuming. However letting your passion rule over your work, family or other must-dos is not advisable. passion means living your fullest as if you are looking in a dream. There are people and then there are peoples. In life, one meets so many dream stealers (who will always discourage you or dissuade you to do the things you want). So stay away from these people.

Passion also leads to observation. An awareness of your surrounding will enrich your life, no matter what your passion is. According to Henry Miller " Develop interest in life as you see it." in people, things, literature, music. The word is so rich simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Do not forget your self. 

Lastly, the passion could be shared with other people who are in the same platform of thoughts, beliefs and action. So, find the like-minded people share their as well your passion. 

Now the time has come to ignite your passion, enjoy it while doing so.


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