I'm because of HER

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I'm because of HER

'You're a disgrace to our family' thundered my uncle to my mother. A clean, simple-minded woman was mentally wounded & kicked into a spiral of shame, alienation & Social loathing. My father, out of younger brother love said nothing. I was 6. That incident got etched.

Today, I'm 6'4. A well working CA with good clientele who call me their friend. Having won a few awards. I'm invited to parties lavish enough as a small country's yearly GDP.

But, my parents still dither on going to parties. 'Who'll take care of her?' 'I think one of us should stay back'. I nudge them that its all in my control.

I politely, sometimes sternly tell them to sit at centre table not an obscure corner with HER. She sits with us. I mostly sit beside HER. Sister brother bonhomie you see. 

My lil sister was born as 'Mentally Retarded'. We realised this after a year when she couldn't be fed milk. Over the last 25 years, we've taken care of her, been duped by quacks & rejected by all. The Govt. has schemes like insurance, supplementary income for poorest but none for 'pagle log'.

The point here is if there can be a social movement for animals, women, refugees what triggers a blind eye in the society towards these 'neglects'?

If God/nature couldn't build them properly why trouble the parents with emotional blackmail? I searched for answers for 31 years of my life and found only one.

I'm here at a party to collect an award. I'm walking up the stage to collect it. The presenter is my uncle. I take the award while he looks down & I piercingly look at him calmly.

I give the award to HER. The claps are thundering louder with people standing in ovation. My parents are moved to tears.

She's gleeful. She thinks it's all for her arranged by her brother. She's right. After all, a 'girl child' is never wrong.


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