Important Things to Consider When Outsourcing App Development

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Vikas Sharma
Vikas Sharma
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Important Things to Consider When Outsourcing App Development

As both the demand and usage of mobile apps have increased over the years, more and more businesses are considering having their own mobile apps in order to provide a better experience to mobile users.

A dedicated business iPhone app development can drastically help increase your business reach, online visibility, customer engagement, and the overall user experience.

Are you also planning to get your own mobile app? Then, you need to consider all the available options, such as hiring a freelancer app developer, outsourcing to an app development agency, or building the app yourself.

If you are a mobile developer with good experience, building the app by yourself would be the best option in terms of cost. It, of course, will take significant time and effort on your part. So, if you have no time to build an app or don’t know how to do that, the best alternative would be to hire a professional app development agency.

hiring iPhone app developers or agency for mobile app development is beneficial for many reasons - it’s cost-effective, saves you time for other important business matters, and ensures you get a high-quality product. At the same time, you get complete control over your hired team and can make sure that the app is developed as per your specific requirements & instructions.

Factors to consider when outsourcing mobile app development

To ensure the perfect results from your outsourcing process and avoid the risk of leakage, it’s crucial to know everything and consider all the factors about mobile development outsourcing.

Here are a few things you can consider to get started.

Explore your requirements

The first thing, of course, is to make sure that you understand what you want in an app. In other words, you must have a clear understanding of the kind of app you want, including the app features, target audience/market, revenue mechanism, scope, etc.

So, the first thing to do is to prepare a list of the app requirements. This will come very handy when discussing your project with a prospect (agency or developer). 

Some of the things to include to your list are:

  • The purpose or objective of the app
  • The target audience
  • An outline of how the app will work
  • The features & functions to include in the app
  • Type of service you want to outsource (app development, design, marketing, etc.)
  • App platform - Android, iOS, hybrid, etc.
  • Custom features and/or products
  • Your budget
  • Timeline
  • The Cost of App Development
Of course, the cost is another important thing to consider when outsourcing app development. Now, different agencies or developers may give you different estimations for app development cost, which is why you should first decide your own budget and then try & find the best app agency that can deliver a quality app in your budget.

On average, the cost of developing a native mobile app is in the range of $100 to $5,000, depending on the developer’s location, app types, features, target audience, etc.

Finding the right Developer

Finding the best app developer in your budget is important for many reasons.

A mobile app developer should be able to understand your requirements & expectations and to deliver the best app in your budget. They must preferably have some experience in app development for your industry. Also, the best web and mobile app development company you outsource must be comfortable with your organization’s working style and flexible enough to work according to your business culture.

Remember, you have to work with the agency as a part of your own team for the project duration, so it’s important that they understand and are comfortable with your scenario.

To achieve this, you may have to find and compare a number of app development companies. Use Google to search for app development agencies that offer services in your area. Then, list down the top agencies based on ranking. After that, visit the website of each prospect, explore the details like industry experience, services, team, previous work/projects, clients’ testimonials, etc.

Contact the prospects

Based on the above research of each individual app development company through their website, social media, and other options, you can narrow down your list further.

Once you’re ready, you can start contacting each of the companies on your list to discuss your project with them. It’s again important to talk to a developer or manager in order to decide whether a particular agency is a right fit for your app project.

When you contact a prospect app developer or agency, make sure to ask all the questions that you may have, related to the app developer’s experience, skills, resources, cost, previous work, and more. 

Here are some samples of the questions to ask an app developer:

  • May I see some mobile apps developed by you or your team?
  • Can you give the list of your app development clients?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How do I make money from my app?
  • Can you embed all the features I want in the app?
  • What kind of payment options do you support?
  • How will you manage communication during the development process?
  • Do I get ownership of the app source code?
  • Will you also test the app for bugs?
  • Will you also launch the app on app stores?
  • What are your contract terms? Do I have to sign long term contracts?
  • Do you offer after-service support if I face any issue in the app?
These tips should help you a great deal in finding the right app developer or agency for your project. You need to carefully analyze the answers of a prospect and connect the dots between your requirements and their offerings. For further help, here are some common signs or traits to look for in a mobile app developer.

Traits of a Great App Developer

A great developer/agency is not always easy to find, but it’s possible if you know just what to look for.

A good developer will be genuinely interested in your project. He/she will ask relevant questions and may want to know more about the project. Moreover, he may also offer valuable suggestions for improvement based on his own understanding & experience in the field.

A good app developer or agency should be responsive to clients’ queries and provide timely answers to them. This shows how professional they are and what kind of communication you can expect during the development process.

The agency should be flexible enough to entertain your special requirements (if any). And most importantly, their app development package should fit your budget and needs.

As for the team, the developer, designer, etc. should have excellent skills and should preferably have some experience in your industry. The project manager should have good communication and work management skills.

To achieve all the above things at a great price, SAG IPL is the leading hire mobile app developer in India that can help you build high-quality mobile apps for every purpose and industry.

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