Inappropriate Behavior Within Family!!!

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Inappropriate Behavior Within Family!!!

We heard a lot of stories of children that toys are the main possessions of a child as toys are the medium of development of growth of little one and also makes their mind creative whereas the Parents are the foundation of children those shower love on their babies and teach moral values ... Right?

but what if the scenario is completely reverse???

Emphasizing to my viewpoint, I would like to point out the situation when the child’s present and the future turns to worst.


In a joint family, a group of members living in one roof. Obviously if masses sharing one shelter eventually fights are being picked by someone voluntarily. In spite, Child is beck and call for their family members; in return do not make judgments for them as they are too little hearts to bear.

Over the knuckle, the child discriminated by family as in aspects of sex, color, intelligence, looks which leave an inferior impact on them in their coming life.

Have you ever thought about how a child suffers throughout his life???

Do you have any idea???

If not, then read my piece thoroughly at least you will understand far better.

When a girl takes birth in an orthodox family, she welcomed cheerlessly at her own home. She grew up, unloved and neglected, On the contrary, her brother is getting everything like education, toys, new clothes, sheer love, pampering, and so forth. Though they fulfill her necessities but no love.

Tomorrow, she may feel low, unconfident, and could also feel inferior amongst men. The grim you are giving her today will never get off her tail.

This is what you want her to look like???

The three words for such family “SHAME ON YOU”

Adding more to the context, you will be really amused to know that the partiality also runs in the giant LITERATE family. Once in a family, “educated handsome” married an “uneducated Rustic women”. They were great couples, However; woman was being mocked by family persons for being rustic, uneducated,  filthy dress sense and also on her dialect but the great part is; she neglected them as she never felt ashamed about her whereabouts but they reach that torments to her child as they hold a grudge on his rural mother. How creepy? 

Why call yourself literates if your action is just an injustice to folks???

The little may follow the path of wrath or become nagging by nature which could turn him to an ordeal. Then, again family like you will make judgments on him. Sometimes parents are not wrong but other members of the family are.

“Being educated or uneducated is not an issue at all, but how you treat people that pop up your character itself”

The ugly side of a few Indian joint families, those compare lad with another child of the family only because of color and intelligence. This event mostly happens by another person of a family.

Now, what would be the outcomes???

He may face isolation, envy from everyone, an inferior complex could arise. Moreover, these children may become an attention seeker in the future as they never get appreciated before.

You never know how the lad is observing you as a Child, he only wants to be loved nothing else. Don’t be rogue to the kid while comparing to others.

In short, the Joint family has a lot of hustle-bustle, fights, aggression, and grudge but do not combat your juggling in front of children, solve it separately only if you want to give them a healthy life. 


We generally see in nuclear families, children are more inclined towards education. Nevertheless, Some guardians pressurize their ward to gain more grades in academics which ends up introvert nature of a child, and even they stay bay from society. So, it may also make a child suffer mental problems.

Apart from it, generally, couples quarreled in front of the child, most of the time it happens due to dearth of finances or overload of responsibilities which may result in adding insults to injury in coming years of children

Children may dislike you as parents and hereafter he could also loathe relationships. More, hatred may instill in them So keep the child out of your drama.

On the epitome of this, separated parents leave a very bad impact on children as they can suffer from excess aggression as per the norms of psychology. 


According to my vision, parents should not give birth to a child if they don’t even realize to take responsibility. I tried to show the whole picture which affects child psychology

Please do not disturb your babies’ infancy as their coming adult life is already full of stress and burden as it is yours now...

Watch every step of the child for his better tomorrow. This is the cold hard truths of some children’s life!!!


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