India still need freedom

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Gauri Swami
Gauri Swami
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India still need freedom

India Still Needs Freedom

On the event of Independence Day, we give salutation to the spirit of freedom fighters in making India independent from the British Rule. Memorizing this day, we are likely to forget that there is still a must for development and improvement in the country.

Did we really get freedom?

There are numerous concerns in the country which needs to be solved. On that note let us observe at some of the factors that India needs freedom from:

  1. Unhealthy standards: Spitting in public, throwing trash has become a common practice in most of the cities and the rural areas. People should be strictly fined a heavy amount for urinating in the public places. India needs freedom such unhygienic habits and dirt.
  2. Child Labour: Though we are in the 21st century, we see a lot of underaged children at work. May it be a Tea shop, a clothing store or grocery store, we need to break this practice and make sure they do not mislay their childhood.
  3. Reservations and caste system: A chief obstacle the country is still fronting is the issue of reservation and caste system. In many academic institutions and workplaces, reservations are grounded on caste. Our nation can flourish to new pinnacles only if there is no reservation system.
  4. Attitude towards women: We talk about all the big stuff about respecting women, giving them equal rights and worship them as a female god. However, our country still considers women as a burden. We need to change this attitude.
  5. Genetic Politicians/ Actors: These people who are compelled to us in the name of their families’ absence even a grain of talent and skills. Loads of talent is still awaiting their chance to show their abilities.

India Still needs freedom from all these elements to become a prosperous and developed country which we always dream of.


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