Indian Cinema Can Help Save Future Nirbhayas

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Sangeeta Manocha
Sep 18 , 2018 13 min read 1795 Views Likes 16 Comments
Indian Cinema Can Help Save Future Nirbhayas

While rapes and gang rapes are not new to the world, the Nirbhaya gang rape shook the entire humankind to the core. With uncountable rape cases reported every few days, videos of gruesome acts going viral on social networks (not to speak of the cases that go unreported), and some allegedly politically-motivated rape controversies debated in the media, India has now been branded globally as the Rape Capital of the world. We Indians may seethe and vehemently cry out at the unfair labeling, but sadly, the name once tarnished will not be cleared so easily.

The reasons for these assaults have too often been delved into by several experts as well as the moral police, including political leaders. I do not seek to throw a pebble into the sea of the expansive wisdom; though being a woman, I may heartily wish to pound some sense into the many male chauvinists who so easily blame wom