Inner Violence

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Inner Violence

We are living in a violent time. But imagine what is the root cause of violence at such a large scale in the world? The root cause of this is the spirit of "me". Every one of us needs to peep within himself and needs to see his soul whether there is any kind of violence in it. Whether you are not working to spread violence. If so, why is there violence inside you? Can you quench your inner violence? All these questions need to be considered in the depth. Violence within the person will be suppressed only when the violence of the world will cease.

When a person looks at all his activities carefully, his views keep an eye on the liking of feelings like dislike, then he finds that everything is due to "me". Then any person finds that this is the root of all things. The reason for the sadness that the person feels himself a very important question and he considers himself the centre of the world. Because of ego, man thinks that he is the most important in the world. And he constantly struggles to prove to others. Violence is born due to this conflict.

The drop of sea thinks that it is the same as sea because its association with the ocean gives it an opportunity to feel like this. There is no special existence of a drop independently. His existence is only when the sea exists. The idea of separation from the sea is imagined for him and it is the truth for him and it is the truth for him to be one with the sea.  I am not talking about poetry here- I am referring to realizing the truth. To get this feeling a price has to be paid when the drop feels that as a drop he has to meet the sea and he will lose his existence and get the expanse of the sea. It is only after the sensation that no person remains violent, it is understood that all have to reach the same place at the end. He gets along with everyone else. The suppression of superiority creates violence.

The author of the book "Beyond Violence"  says that "Violence is in the same way as if the stone is thrown in the lake along with the name, the wave Rises around the place of the stone as long as the feeling of me present inside, violence remains."

Osho says, "It is necessary to be cautious with the inner Pride because all The Sorrows in the world are born due to Pride."


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