iPhones are overrated, nothing upgrades but prices!

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iPhones are overrated, nothing upgrades but prices!

“The bite taken out of an apple” logo is counted as a symbol of luxury at display today. Yes! We are talking about the highly overrated phone among the youth of India - the iPhone.

Once, the iPhone was acknowledged for its unique features and model.

However, nowadays, this “not much different phone than other phones” is purchased without any interest towards features but the parade of luxury in the hands of youngsters that it brings.


These extra expensive apple phones called iPhones were introduced in the year 2007 by the prominent Apple Incorporations.

The first generation iPhone was priced over 40,000 rupees in the Indian retail market and had crushed down the sales of other quite prominent Smartphone brands like Samsung, and Nokia.

Later, the iPhone grasped the attention of youth who blindly follow to the iPhone showrooms to make the purchase.

Nevertheless, iPhone's excellent features are now counted as yesterday’s news because from the first generation to 11th generation iPhone, the company hasn’t been involved in the innovation of the product.

It is noteworthy to mention how iPhone 1 contains a minimum of basic features, but iPhone X has been evolved in the context of basic features to the maximum like Bluetooth connectivity, 3 GB RAM, improvised screen resolution and more.

Although iPhone X has improved in comparison to iPhone 1 generation, the latest iPhone still does not cross the excellence of Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and OnePlus 7 Pro which is comparatively less costly than iPhone.

Somehow, iPhone jokes have been shared on social media to express the actions of “iPhone buyers”. I had read this joke a few years back -

Guy reached iPhone showroom: Show me an iPhone to buy.

*chooses an iPhone to purchase*

Seller: How will you pay sir: card or cash?

Buyer: Kidney!

Yeah, you’ll have to probably exchange your kidney to buy a phone worth ₹ 1,00,000.

Many blind followers of the product iPhone do not lay their acceptance upon the fact that these phones have some major user-interface flaws.

For instance, in an iPhone, third-party applications cannot be downloaded. Apart from this, the user cannot download song audios but can only listen to them online using applications like gaana.com.

Indeed, in the history of the iPhone, it has been seen that the phone loses its battery backup in a few months of purchase. It makes me often giggle how iPhone users roam around the college campus with their iPhone charges and look for sources of electricity.

Today, in the Indian market, there are various amazing brands which have introduced quite stylish mobile models like Redmi, Samsung Galaxy Note, OnePlus, Oppo Smartphone and Nokia. Again, these brands provide highly affordable Smartphone models keeping in mind the middle-class section of the society.

On the other hand, if we talk about high-class people with no budget boundaries, they can choose to purchase Google Pixel, OnePlus, and Huawei which are some very competitive brands and provide much better products than iPhone.

“An inch or two-inch increment” in the screen of the iPhone cannot be counted as an upgrade and an excuse to improve the price of the phone by 50%. How would you deal with the unacceptable price graph of iPhone which is not worth anymore? If you are given a choice, would you choose a highly-innovated Android phone or go with the luxurious iPhone anyway?

Hi iPhone users, what has been your experience in using iPhones as compared to the Android phones?

Do let us know your views in the comment section below.

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