Smriti Daw
Smriti Daw
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On a day, when I chocked to love, when I was sitting in a dilemma of whether to be in a relationship or not. When my mind was a room full of questions and my heart did not wanted any part of those questions. I wanted to get out of that gross situation of being in the middle of my heart and my mind. I took my whole strength and  asked my self  IS IT WORTH IT?

I found myself crying at a corner, denying every assumption my mind was making and pointing towards my #Relationship. The part of me, which was wishing those assumptions to be untrue, that part of me which was holding to every false hope to make them true and solid, was working so hard to proof my mind wrong and to make my mind to stop asking Is it really worth it? 

Is my #Relationship worth saving? Worth of crying? Worth of the efforts I was making to hold it tight? Is it worth of holding another person on that boat which was already sinking? How could I be so selfish to do all the above things to a person or to a relationship where I could not even own the decision of being on that relationship at the first place! My mind had already given up on the trump show of it but still, my heart, like itself, was not ready to accept any of it. Although heart did not accept the facts, it still started to sink by the thought of being in the relationship when crossed by my mind or even if the varying word called #Relationship crossed by my ears.

I knew every bit of it was just to fool myself, then one new day came, my heart finally went tired and it gave itself the permission to float, to listen to every assumption & question my mind had over the name of my #relationship. My heart had made its decision by hearing it all, It finally decided to stop making fool of itself. It accepted the facts & realised the cruel reality and finally freed itself from being in the compromise. It finally took its step back and answered the question by saying "NO! IT WAS NOT WORTH ANY OF IT." 

Feel free to let your heart float, to accept even the wrong decisions you have made, to own your mistakes instead of faking and regretting every moment of a #relationship.


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