Is reservation necessary?

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Is reservation necessary?

Reservation! Is reservation really necessary? Are the existing rules and regulations, all the laws that were written years before; appropriate according to the present scenario? The Constitution of India was designed around 68 years ago. The situations that prevailed at that time were pretty different from now. Then why are there not any amendments in the laws? It is nowhere written that changes cannot be made. So, why is the nation suffering?

Long time back when the Constitution was designed there were Dalits and lower caste people who were treated as untouchables. Also, their financial condition was weak to a very great extent. Considering these things, the reserved seat system was brought into the picture. The people of this caste should also be treated equally and they should not miss any opportunity taking notice of this, the reservation system was laid. 

As time has passed, the reservation has entered each and every field; be it studies, sports, getting admission into any institution or any government organization. Everywhere there is a special quota for reserved people. Today, our country has progressed and it requires real talent to develop more and acquire the topmost position. But the harsh truth is due to this reservation, at times the deserving people don't achieve what they are capable of because of the circumstances that are created. For instance, in almost all the competitive examinations be it government or private ones, the cut-off for each class of people is different. How can talent and skills be compared on the basis of caste? A person getting 90 marks, of general category does not get admission but a person getting 40 marks gets admission just because he is from the backward class. Thus, because of the laws that were laid long back the country is facing problems. Since those who are skilled and capable lose the chance of getting appropriate facilities the growth of the country is getting hampered. Due to such privileges that are given to lower castes, people make fake documents and caste certificates to avail the facilities. In turn, all this leads to corruption.  So, this is a grave problem and needs to be given a thought.

Also, the fees that are to be paid in any institute depends on the caste. If one is of lower caste they get scholarships and those of general or open category have to pay entire fees. This is one of the biggest myth that each and every person of general category is well to do and can afford all the expenses whereas those of lower caste can't. Hence, scholarships should be given on the basis of talent as well as the financial condition of every individual and not the caste. Those who are below the poverty line and cannot afford should be given privileges. In this way, everyone will get justice.

Recently, there was Maratha morcha, in few days even other caste people might do something like this. But, what is the use? Is the country succeeding by doing such things? Reservation should be there definitely, but with few amendments. Seats should be reserved for those who actually cannot afford or are downtrodden. Also for the family members of the military people, as the one who is the main source of income for the family is always at high risk. So, their families deserve reservation. It is high time now and there is an urgent need of taking action and pondering over this topic if the nation wishes to bring the real talent of the country in front of the world. It is the need of the hour to change and bring a revolution in the system in order to make India a developed nation.


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