Is this love or attraction?

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Jan 13 , 2019 8 min read 365 Views Likes 0 Comments
 Is this love or attraction?

Seldom I have seen many people confusing between attraction and love. I mean, I have not done any degree in the same but yet owing to some of my experiences and the lessons I have learned from others’ experiences, I would like to share with you some of the ways which may let you conclude whether that adrenaline rush corresponds to attraction or love!

If you are waiting for just a sight of someone it may or may not be love but it’s truly an attraction. If you like a person's personality, the way he/she talks, behaves, cares, it does not mean that you are always in love but it does mean that you find that soul a bit different from others and sometimes it seems good to have his/her company. He/she can be a good friend too.  You might get this kind of feeling with a friend but the feeling which you get with a person when you are in love,  is really unique and you cannot get it with anyone in this world, even not with the second person who takes his/her place afterward.

If you are trying to present yourself very well with all those good looks and behavior just to impress, this is not 'love' at least for now. True love is when you want to get accepted with all your flaws. At the same time if you are behind just the positive part of a person- like good looks, bank balance etc. then there is a high probability that you are just attracted towards. This is mere “liking”. Love is when even the mistakes and the weak part of his/her is not strong enough to stop you from having that intense desire to get united!

This one is really important! If you are confused between two then I would say leave the first one because if you would have had loved him/her, not even the thought of the second person would have come to your mind. The first person was 100% an attraction!

If you recently had heartbreak and suddenly you get someone else in your life and then if this realization dawns upon you that you love this other guy,  then it may not be love but just a way to complete the void created. It is not judicious to again get into the relationship so soon. It's good to take some time to get over the first one and then decide. Otherwise even this may result as an attraction later.

I may be wrong, I hope you may be having a different story, these are all my personal views. But yes I have realized that there is a very thin line between love and attraction but at the same time, I believe that friendship is above all, this stupid love sometimes takes away your bosom friend also! BEWARE :D


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