Is Virat Kohli Blend Mix of Dhoni and Sachin!? Looks like Actor, Sportsman! Confused !?

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Is Virat Kohli Blend Mix of Dhoni and Sachin!? Looks like Actor, Sportsman! Confused !?

Virat Kohli, Present Stunning Captain of Indian Cricket Team. is sometimes really confused by his plays on all around the cricket arena and public life. In cricket, he's just brilliant and fantastic, a player from the eternity of Sachin to future of Dhoni, all role in one person. He's a fantastic chaser in cricket with much arrogance, which is his strength to boost the #TeamIndia for their superb winnings all the time. He's a fantastic longtime player in the test as the most century comes from his bat. Best scores are always from his bat. Hits a salute to him!!

Kohli, when started his career, was so silent to learn from his seniors, but after all training and practise, he's the best among all with high ICC scores almost close to the number of centuries of  Sachin and career score. A superb player with the style of Dhoni when in need! Left almost a decade to retire, hope to break all the current records of historical players, but he certainly does not play for the records, his passion and energy is to play for #TeamIndia. 

Kohli has presently highest test ratings (937 points), highest historic ODI rating (911 points) and highest T20 ratings (897 points). He holds captaincy ODIs and Tests still very successful as equal to Dhoni.

Kohli, looks so stunning, that he suits best in actor and sportscar drive. He looks similar to Pakistan actor Fawad Khan in all in talks and actions. He's the husband of one of the best actresses, Anushka, very intimate to Bollywood stars and his family life makes him so humble, He's opposite of what he's in the field, very silent and loving to all. 

 Next awaiting moment of 2019 World Cup as captain India holds another bunch of team with great efficient players with successful Dhoni as on the right hand to Kohli, Sharma and Dhawan as his best companion partnership guys! Why not India again repeats the history of 2011 World Cup under the captaincy of Virat Kohli? Let's encourage him and support him for the best to bring out of him.  Let's support Kohli with all the best wishes to bring new efficient players following the footsteps of Dhoni, but best among all. Only fans support can bring good results for #TeamIndia.


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