Karnataka Polls- Issues being ignored

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Apr 24 , 2018 5 min read 885 Views Likes 1 Comments
Karnataka Polls- Issues being ignored

BJP and Congress are contesting for 224 seat assembly with the vote on May 12. Though results will come out on May 15 Opinion Polls are out there predicting the results. It will surely be a big result for either BJP or Congress before 2019 General Election and will set course for election campaign next year. 

However, latest election campaign being reduced to caste and religion, are we overlooking issues that should be deciding factors while choosing the next government? Karnataka has its own issues to resolve to start from Cauvery water dispute with Tamil Nadu that brings the state to stand still whenever court orders for the release of water to Tamil Nadu. Farmers debt and insufficient rain adding to farmers' agonies along with their sentiments on water being released to Tamil Nadu with their crops dying in fields due to insufficient rains.

Infrastructure development including resolving traffic congestion within Bangalore- people of Bangalore on an average spend 2 hours commuting to work due to the congestion problem. Clean up of toxic fuming lakes and improving air quality in Bangalore before it reaches unsafe levels as Delhi.

Developing low-tier cities and creating job opportunities there so that it restricts some of the migration from low tier cities to Bangalore. 

Hope before voting, people focus on real issues and vote for the candidate that they feel can resolve most of these issues and not on caste, creed, and religion. Let some sense prevail!


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