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Santu Manna
Santu Manna
Aug 20 , 2018 5 min read 623 Views Likes 2 Comments

 It is raining . Yes it is raining heavily in kerala like never before.No one could think what is happend after that.Many part of this state has almost flooded away. Many people are help less.Many has lost their friends and family.Damage has already occured in various field. It has destroyed land , building, forest. Recently  kerala , the one of the state of india has flooded.. it has never happened in recent 100 year. The state is already damaged from various situation . Many people died   . Many of them are still suffering. Many building , many Forest , many animal has flooded away due to this current situation.Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan  has said the country is in lost if 19072 cr in initial assessment.Many of them is still searching for ray of hope. They are helpless. It's our duty to help them with anything. Many vip person has done with their donating hand, like shahrukh khan, Rajanikant, and many more. Neighbor country is also helping in this difficult situation. Soudi arab has already donated 700 cr. Qatar has given near about 39 cr to chief minister fund of kerala. our neighbor state has tried to help what they can. Westbengal donated 10 cr, Maharastra donated 20 cr.Chief minister of delhi Arvind Kejriwal has given 10 cr.  So on there is chattisgarh, manipur , jharkhand, nagaland, Tamilnaru, ...

Let shere your hand towards this neighbor state.. so that they can grow up once again..

Donate what you can..

A single piece of  coin does matter.

No matter who you are just try to help them.


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