Let us breath too!

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Aug 12 , 2018 4 min read 1805 Views Likes 0 Comments
Let us breath too!

"Transgender", we all are familiar with this word. It reminds us of some people who are not like us. They are a bit different. Today we talk about them globally with an open mind set, but do we feel for them the Same way? No, We don't. We often see them, not actually see them but gaze upon them to know what we are already aware of. Why? They are too Human beings with their own rights. Then why the society doesn't let them breath? We talk about their rights but do we have ever realized to give them their identity as a person. Giving them a voter ID card is not enough, the change is, when we see a transgender in the que holding the voter card, we don't gaze upon them. They don't need pity looks from the society. They always expected respect from the society but they received hatred. They wanted support but always felt cheated. They are considered as 'others' . The transgenders want that no one question them what they are not and accept what they are.


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