Let's be imperfect. Challenge the culture of perfectionism

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Alen Jose
Alen Jose
Dec 6 , 2018 9 min read 1779 Views Likes 0 Comments
Let's be imperfect. Challenge the culture of perfectionism

We have always been taught to be perfect, to solve our imperfections. But if the whole world is perfect in its sense, what variety would exist on the earth. How boring would life be?

The world is full of biases - towards a fair complexion, symmetry, etc. If you switch on the TV or browse social media, the ads also claim to cure imperfections, be it of the body or mind. There exist courses for life skills to make you a 'better' citizen.

We have been programmed to do everything perfectly, be it keeping your place neat, making your bed or waking up early in the morning.

But what happens when the so-called 'civilized' citizens begin to live with the 'uncivilised' citizens? The result will be a blame game which will only result in anger and frustration. Even if you do not vent out your frustration, it will surely add to your stress. If you are working, many innocent subordinates would be bearing the brunt.

So what exactly is the issue? The problem lies in us insisting everyone to be as perfect as me. We judge others based on us. But who made your way, the right one? 

So all of it boils down to our ego of being perfect. You wouldn't believe that this understanding alone, has the potential to ease a lot of our daily stress.

Now that we have understood the problem, how should we go about solving it? Yes, this would involve letting down your ego a bit. But don't worry, others wouldn't feel that you did.

The first step would involve the basic understanding that all human beings are different. The way we were brought up tells us that some acts are not the best. But others keep on doing it because they feel that it is perfect, according to the way they were brought up. Hence, what is bad for you may not be for someone else.

Hence, when somebody does something you don't approve of, learn to get marvelled by the diversity of humankind. Just the fact that you have a different opinion is a sign of diversity. It is these things that add beauty to the world, to our everyday experiences. If you have listened to eulogies or funeral speeches, you might have noted that people focus on the imperfections that made his/her life memorable. If you have lost someone very dear to you, try to recollect your wonderful memories. Again, it would be the imperfections that would make him/her different from others and hence irreplaceable.

So the next time your roommate forgets to do the dishes or keep the place clean, don't blow your minds off over that. You can show a way by doing those, and it might inspire your friend to change his/her perception. Even if he/she continues, the world is not gonna end.

Let's try to embrace the imperfections of our fellow beings. As old parents recollect, it is better to have a naughty child than no child at all. When the child moves away, the naughty acts would give comfort to the parents.

Let us break the stereotypes of perfection. Let the power of love help us forget the differences and embrace others.

Love imperfections, they would matter a lot in the future.


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