Lets Talk Real!!!

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Lets Talk Real!!!

Covid-19 is a big talk around the world these days but it has no vaccine which is highly effective yet. Most of us have a question to ourselves how we will run family now? How to deal with this novel virus? How much time we have to stay at home? And many more questions that may haunt you every day. I understand the pandemic coronavirus is not less than any nightmare. Sound thinking ... Nah? So, let’s be more realistic rather than to fear yourself.


Yes, it is true, Italian experts tested on mice to develop antibodies thrivingly which work on human cells. Do you know most of the experiments are examined on mice to generate drugs? Wonder why? Because humans and mice DNA is quite similar. Though, it is a huge topic to talk about. So, let us stick to the content, even Israel scientists generated the Covid-19 vaccine while producing monoclonal neutralizing antibody which may effectively neutralize novel coronavirus patients. Surprisingly, India was the first to step ahead by Plasma Therapy which was very effective but was only applied to those patients who are at high risk. Filling you with more details on plasma therapy, it requires transfusing plasma (a blood component) from the body of masses. By god grace, doctors cured many patients through this therapy. Therefore, the breakthrough of Italy and Israel in the fight against COVID-19 is not examined on humans yet. 


Till the date, approximately 300,000 people died and 4.3 million people are corona positive worldwide. World Health Organisation (WHO) expert Dr. Mike Ryan said “COVID 19 could become endemic like HIV and may never go away” as if now every one of us has to live with the novel coronavirus. The new life arises here.


In India, the new version of lockdown four may introduce but in Punjab and Rajasthan region, the shops, industries, and factories will be opened but in limited time slots. Also, the government of Punjab and Rajasthan has given some privilege to transportation. However, the shops or stores will be opened in odd-even day rules so that distance should be maintained precautionary but cinemas halls, malls, schools, and colleges will remain shut.

I know we have gone decades back or more, some of you might be feeling isolated, depressive, or worried due to many reasons. Yes, these reasons are huge as this is the draught time for all of us. What you have to do is just keep yourself calm and strong or indulge in some household chores to keep yourself bay from worries. In my opinion, life is really short, now be more realistic and if you already know the situation isn’t changing anyway then why worry??


Pinning my point of view, the Government has launched a stimulus package of Rs20 lakh crore in which the poor will get free grocery for two months whereas the middle class will get loans for 4 years with no guarantee according to the eligibility of the business person. The interest rate to the loan has not been revealed to date. Somehow, this package will stabilize the economy. Besides, the government should provide a free package to the small entrepreneur instead of a loan like the government of Canada, and the USA provided free subsidies to its citizens. At least there is something instead of nothing. I hope the package may boon to every Indian without any corruption. Now here hope whispers!!!


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