Live in the Present !!

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Live in the Present !!

Live in the moment!”, Often we have heard people advising us to live and enjoy the present rather than mourning over the past or worrying about the future. Indeed the truth!! Various thing revolves around our lives. Some of which are under our control and the rest which are not. Now when you don’t have control over those why to waste your time wondering on them.


Half of the time our enjoyment is reduced because we tend to think that this moment might not come back or this moment shall pass and we tend to make ourselves a little upset for the same. Now the thing is a way to think what could happen after 5 years or 3 months or tomorrow? Why do not think of this very moment and make the best out of it? Why do not give yourself totally to this very moment?


Time won't repeat itself. Situations are never gonna be as perfect as they are now. People, places, surrounding, they ain’t gonna be the same later, so folks instead of trying to think of possibilities for a better next day or next year, try to make the next moment better. Let go of the past now. It’s high time we realize the importance of this very moment. What is gone is gone, and what hasn’t arrived cannot be changed, all you have in hand is this very moment. Make the best dish out of the ingredients you have. Don’t make the present a reason for you to regret later.

Plan for the future, but do not invest your present thinking only of the future. It’s necessary for you to manage time. Time to think about the future, to plan what is needed for a better future. But this does not mean that you invest all your time to think only about how and when will you achieve your idol future life, in the process paying no heed to your present life. Life is a gift of God. It’s among the best presents of God. You don’t even know when might God take it away from you. Will, then there be any use of you thinking about the future or regretting the past?? In this case, neither you would have enjoyed the present, nor the past and future would have never even wooed you.

So a gentle request to all of you, do not let yourself be drowned by the past and do not overthink about the future. Make your present worth it! This present should not become the past you regret.


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