Live life to the fullest

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Live life to the fullest

Today due to the time constraints like of every individual has become a zigzag puzzle. In other words, I would like to say is that everyday life is getting more complexed. Today the majority of the people also believe that their life has become full of hassles, every day due to mobile every person is talking to another person, but he has not even couple of minutes to spare as he can talk with himself. Isn't it the greatest irony of man today. Life is best when it is simple and this can be done by doing effective time management.

Life is not all as difficult as we think it is to be. Sometimes just a change in perception, is also refreshing, that it solves a lot of problems in Jiffy. Everybody is trying to do extraordinary things and this is leading to stress, strain, tensions which takes a toll on us. Emotionally, physically it is affecting us and our relations with our friends, family members and society as a whole.

BE ORDINARY Try to become an ordinary human being. A nobody with no name, no identity with nothing to claim. And with no power to claim, or no power to enforce on other persons, with fewer desires to possess, just being a nonentity. try it and find it by yourself that how powerful person you become, how you are filled with the positive energy, so powerful that you can share your own power, so blissful that you can give it to many. The more you will give it to the people the more enriched you will become. The more you share the more you will grow.

All this leads to an increase in your awareness. It also leads to becoming more conscious. Just in the middle when you are feeling very hot and would you like to hit somebody. By becoming more aware you will feel more relaxed. Your inner being will be more relaxed and you will start enjoying your life. Though it may take some time you will notice yourself that you have started changing yourself. One will be peace with oneself.

BECOME A VISIONARY. Wherever and whenever you look just look or observe only and do nothing else. Try to see things rather than start thinking about them .seeing is direct whereas thinking clouds reality. If you see a flower you start remembering its name, colour, smell, its utility and other related things. Also, start seeing small things around your environment. Just use your visual perception and nothing else. If you see the river flowing then observe its water and nothing else. By doing this activity over a period of time you yourself will find out that you have started enjoying the small things of nature. 

So, take these small steps one at a time and start seeing the positive changes within.


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