Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

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Raj W
Raj W
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Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

Seldom I have pondered on this idea that which is better- Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage.

I guess both have their pros and cons.

In love marriage, you get a chance to know your partner beforehand. Since you have spent some time already with each other it becomes easy to understand your partner a bit. You probably know his likes/dislikes, are aware of his perspectives and sometimes even of his family.

Arrange marriages are good in the sense since the elders play a major role in bringing the partners together their experience and knowledge can be trusted and that can help you to choose the right partner.

Each of them has their disadvantages also like there are many cases where people fall in love, do love marriage and later on, they realize that they are not able to get along with each other since things are not the same now as they were before. Sometimes these type of cases also appears that a person fools another person to have marriage and later on leaves him/her.

In arrange marriages since two persons are completely unknown they don’t know each other well and till the time they will know each other a realization can come that maybe they are not a perfect match with each other.

In my personal opinion, I like love marriages more. I think that if you know a person beforehand then it becomes easy in a relationship. You might have some failed relationships before but that’s Okie as and when you realize that this is the very person you want to get along with, the marriage with the same can be really beautiful in the sense that since you both already know each other there would be less compromise and conflicts. I can't imagine myself living my entire life with a person whom I don’t know!

But I do respect the fact that parents know more and suggestions of elders should always be welcomed but even in that case, I guess the partners should be given at least some months to know each other well. Even Love cum arrange marriage is a not so bad an idea.

What makes me feel bad is the caste and religion issue in marriages. I think still we humans have not been able to have an open mindset. I don’t think that caste religion etc. have anything to do with the love. Love is not bounded by the chains of these trivial issues. Honour killings and other such incidents should always be protested against.

Whether it is love or arrange one should hear advice from all but do only that what his heart wants. Ultimately it's your life. Just remember that society has made it a bit rigid but actually love isn’t that much. Thus listen to your heart and you would always land to the right place.


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