Mirror, Mirror, on the wall !

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Mirror, Mirror, on the wall !

Visualize those hundreds of people, who are right now judging you, making fun of you, and calling you names. Try to envisage what they think of you. You know them. Try remembering their names and that they are masters of their lives. Now, face yourself in a mirror. Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you acknowledge who looks back ? This is you. Nobody knows you better than yourself. This is the person who would be standing with you no matter what. Now say, how does a disapproval matter? What possible change could it bring in your life? All self-doubts must melt down at this point.

Do this daily. Stand in front of a mirror daily and observe yourself. Simply stand there, thinking about nothing specific. We accomplish something daily. It could be a small step, but it will push you forward. Breathe in what you see. Breathe in your existence and the fact that you are different from others; you are unique. God made you like this, with a purpose. Look around for the reason. Your child, your family, your friends, your pet! Now, think of those people again. At which point of your life do their opinions matter? Their judgments on your actions reflect their own insecurities. They are fighting with their own uncertainties. Their apprehensions are leading them to tear other people down. They thrive on that. Yes, some minds work like that. Yours does not. Stand up for what you are, what you believe in. Follow it with your heart and soul.

Don’t forget to look in the mirror today! It is a promise that you will be turning into something special.


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