Modern day relations

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Modern day relations

What happened to Love and Romantic Relations?

There are only physical relations, no relations exist which touch the soul. Emotions are disappearing, feelings are unknown. Great expectations and disappointments leading to familial breakdown. Live-in Relations without any commitments have removed the virtue of conscience. The promises to live and die together are frequently broken. True love seems to be a barrier and commitments seem to be a chain of life. Everyone wants to be independent, though physically they are together but mentally a great turmoil.

  • Be it a definition of modern civilisation or a practical thinking. But the truth is relations have lost its in-grained depth, value and meaning.
  • The contact between the people is very ephemeral.
  • Adjustments are becoming negligible in relations as both partners never want a compromise.
  • At present times even marriages have failed to bind two individuals into one.
  • As today mostly both partners are working and lifestyle have changed and every time both of them fight with identity crisis leading to petty quarrels which never gets resolved.
  • As the mentality of ‘Double Income No Kids’ have accentuated, even people give valid reasons for not having kids. This has taken a toll over physical love as stress at work, so the partners being together maintained distance as they lack vigour, strength and energy.
  • Even the social media acts as ‘Energy sucking Vampires’ diminishing focus, the productivity of individuals and responsible for cracks in relationships.
  • Even a dinner table everyone is with their mobile phones, though sitting together but neither is enjoying the food nor are the happenings of the day discussed. All are disconnected in reality but well connected in the virtual world. Children are clicking pictures and forwarding their friends, while couples are engaged with their crushes and virtual affairs.
  • Even newlywed couples are together in their bed with their respective phones. No one is concerned about each other. Inter-personal communication is almost absent which is an alarming indication.
Where all the essence of relations has disappeared? It is the main question of concern to connect people.

No Commitment: People get attracted to each other, even fall in love but do not commit. So relations do not have a bond, so they fall apart. People don’t know what they actually want. They start living together under the same roof without any commitment. So no social or familial commitment to name the relation. So ties are loose. Hence when one finds someone else more attractive people move on.

Manipulative and Calculative mindset: Today relations have become a commodity. Relations are made with the selfish motto in mind. After the agenda is fulfilled, people avoid one another.

So-called Practical Approach: People have become too practical. In fact, many bitter experiences have proved that it’s better being practical rather than an emotional fool. In the busy metropolitan cities where only weekends are time to spend with near and dear ones, people spend time with social media and virtual friendships

Increasing the inter-personal gap in the name of ‘personal space’: Everyone wants his or her space. People feel inter-personal and even marital relations burdensome. Love and affection are slowly disappearing. Earlier marital relations were said to be a ‘freedom in unique bonding’. Now even couples feel that they are carrying the baggage of relations. As every person has his or her personal likes and dislikes no one wants to adjust or understand the feelings.

The rise of the term ‘Office Spouse’: Nowadays workload, stress, tension is increasing. After a long day work, people are exhausted even to be together in each other’s arms. Due to prolonged office hours, physical and emotional vicinity with the colleagues of opposite sex seems to be exciting and at times adventurous. So at home husband and wife don’t find each other interesting. Distances have increased in the vicinity. If anyone comes close for that physical love, the other partner makes excuses or remains indifferent.

Digital relations eclipsing real relations: Social media and virtual friendships seem to be interesting. Text messages in WhatsApp, chatting has such an attraction it has transformed to addiction. The virtual digital world seems to be more colourful whereas the real relations seem to be a burden. The modern society is so addicted to social media, in turn, decreasing personal productivity, creativity and increasing loneliness. The virtual relations deceive and at times proved to be detrimental.

Lack of Communication: being in the same home, same room, lack of time constraint is their main excuse. Everyone is busy with their personal mobiles; in their virtual world. Now to sit and solve each other’s problems, sharing views and suggestions are dwindling gradually. A deafening silence is there in each relation. Active communication is the only way for strong, healthy relations. The huge communication gap slowly ends the relations and at times it’s too late to rejuvenate.


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