Moral Science- Today's most important subject

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Moral Science- Today's most important subject

We all during our school days have studied this subject called- Moral Science. For some it was an easy one, requiring least preparation for the exams and most of the time neglected. While for others it was one of the most interesting subjects which always attracted interest. Today there are a lot of parents advising their children to be good at either Maths or English etc. but I feel the time has come when all the parents should focus on also motivating their children to give due importance to Moral Science not only from exam point of view but also to learn some meaningful insights which will be helpful for their entire lives.

The current situation of our society is such that the level of patience and tolerance to accept each others' opinion has deteriorated significantly. It is not rare to witness so many news flooding our screens each day regarding communal disharmony. Many times you may also feel that people who are also well-educated sometimes give certain viewpoints that are a bit irrational. Here comes the importance of Moral Science. Children are the future of a nation. The way we shape them will, in turn, shape the entire country. Thus it is very important that they are taught the importance of imbibing moral values well.

Moral values reflect a person's individuality and spirituality. It can help eradicate problems like dishonesty, violence, cheating, and jealousy from one's life. It can play a great role in striking a balance between one's personal and professional life. The paramountcy of the subject is such that it can help one to avoid any unnecessary clashes and to adapt to diverse situations and face adverse conditions with courage.

Admittedly the other subjects like science, social studies, literature etc. are vital in their own selves but Mora science helps to develop the right attitude and good character. No matter how skillful you are or how much wide pool of knowledge you have without the above two essential ingredients your life-like recipe won't taste that delicious.

Thus the need of the hour is that we give due importance to building the values of our children by prioritizing subjects like Moral Science in schools and homes. Special attention should be given by parents so that this crucial subject is not neglected in any way by the children and children don't take it as a burden but study it with interest. This subject will surely prove its immense worth in the near future of students. :)


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