More Mistakes; Improved Writing - Secret Sauce of Top Writers!

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More Mistakes; Improved Writing - Secret Sauce of Top Writers!

When I was in 4th standard, I failed in English subject. 6 years later, in 10th board exams, my English subject marks increased by a paltry 20 percent.

Yet, I built my career in content writing. Today, I possess 6+ years’ experience in creating content for myself as well as my clients.

Unlike other writers, who were/ are born with a natural flair for creating compelling pieces of content, I hated writing even 2 paragraphs on a given topic during my school.

I never cared to read and remember new words, become a grammar nazi, or create rhyming lines.

Naturally, when I embarked upon the journey of freelancing, I committed tons of mistakes. Even today, I make blunders.

A fifth-grade kid can easily read and consume my content without referring to a dictionary because I don’t use complex words. You’ll find my article broken into several short paragraphs of 2-3 lines each.

Grammarly or Hemingway Editor comes to my rescue when I’m unable to use correct articles or prepositions.

However, none of these shortcomings can stop me from writing. 

I write content which is loved by humans in the world where bots command everything.
My clients, fellow writers, readers, family, and acquaintances point out my mistakes and criticise me publicly. But, nothing affects my passion a bit.

Writing might not be my cup of tea but I ensure that I love writing as much as I love tea.

Writers get tensed when someone figures out a mistake or criticise them publicly. Especially, newbie writers are hesitant in hitting the PUBLISH button because they are afraid of listening to the readers’ opinions.

Remember, nobody is born perfect in this perfectly imperfect world. Everybody commits mistakes, gets criticised by the readers, learns from it, and improves himself or herself.

You’re a writer, not a comedian - you can’t make everyone happy. 
Even your best work would get criticised. Listen to your critics, follow genuine advice, and ignore the rest. Most importantly, don’t let anyone or anything bury your passion for writing. Keep your passion up and running; rest everything will fall in place gradually.

“If you keep your passion intact, you can rectify your flaws and improve yourself every day a bit.”

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