Mr Name Changer! Will changing names bring fortune to the country?

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Mr Name Changer! Will changing names bring fortune to the country?

Well, I don't carry any personal opinion for politics. I neither have any disputes with BJP nor the encourage Congress to come and again rule for the next sixty years and continue corruption. What I am really very concerned about is the continuation of changing names.

Let's take Allahabad: After hearing this city the first thing used to enter inside my mind was a confluence of sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna. I never thought that this word is an alliance of(Allah-ka-baad). For me, it was just a name which resembles a holy bath and Kumbh Mela. But since our dearest Yogi ji switched it as Priyagraaj I began to think why and ended up concluding that it was a Muslim name. Before I never imagined the city was named after Muslim god but now I feel like how stupid I was to not get this simple thing. 

A sacred Hindu place by a Muslim name is the beauty of our country. None fortune will come after switching it as Priyagraaj. 

It's overall a political thing, but I really feel Yogi ji has a very soft corner for other religions else Hinduism(sarcasm). Going in the history, the demand for Allahabad name change, sorry Priyagraaj, had started two decades ago. In the '90s when some saints raised voice for a name change it dramatically became an issue of politics and political parties saw it as a manifesto for upcoming elections. They dreamt saints for a name change, collected votes and went away. And this continues for several Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha elections, but none changed the name. Finally, in 2018 Yogijee himself changed it and showed that he didn't like the name given by emperor Akbar. For Yogi ji, it's more than a political stunt. He hasn't done it to impress his Hindu supporters as voters like me will never behold him for this act. It's like a personal satisfaction for him, changing names and feeling relief. 

Not only this, our Yogi ji has done many hindu-muslim conflicting expeditions in past also. Back when he was a member of parliament, he switched many Muslim names into Hindu ones. 

Humayunpur- Hanumanpur

Urdu bazaar- Hindi bazaar

Islampur- Ishwarpur

Mian bazaar- Maya bazaar

I am looking forward for the days when he will be changing Usman to Umesh, Salim to Sahil and so on.

Seroiusly, will changing names bring fortune to the country? A politician can't be biased for his religion. You can either be a politician or a hard saint. Isn't Yogi unbracing a cold religious war in the country?


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