Mythoclast : Ram Mandir

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Mythoclast : Ram Mandir

Do you think that the Hindu Gods really existed? I think it was all a mere fiction.  I can't help but observe a pattern, a deliberate and forced construct of the gods assigned with powers like they do today in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let me walk you through

Remember Sita? The wife of Ram. Most of you might know, that Sita was found from the earth while the King and his men were plowing the field. Let's go back to the origin of this name Sita. Sita was a name attributed to the goddess of fertility. The natural forces were the Primary entities that were assigned divinity. The early people worshipped these forces and soon these forces were given a form. Rain and thunder were the powers assigned to Parjanya in the beginning and later Indra. And similarly, the power of fertility was given a form: Sita. She was worshipped before the farmers began plowing. Fast forward to 1000 years later, another goddess named Sita is born and guess where she is found? In the field, while the men were plowing!

Most of you know the story of the Ramayana. Let me ask you something. Do you know the difference between Ramayana and Ramcharitramans? Ramayana was written by Valmiki long back ago and the latter was written by Goswami Tulsidas no so long ago in the 1600s. The book that most of the North Indians have in their homes is Ramcharitramans and not the real version of Ramayana. Why? Because Tulsidas has attributed a god-like character to Ram describing him as the perfect man with all his attributes sung to the point where it gets divine. While Ramayana describes him as the man he was (If he was)

And what did the readers like? Not the real but the glorified version. Let me try to explain this the other way. If given to choose between reading the shi Purana or the "The Immortals of Meluha", What will you read? The answer is already out there. Amish Tripathi's version is already a best seller. We chose the story with more masala. If you ask me, after a 100 years the modern best seller will be what everyone will refer to. The new version is a Masalafied version of the old.

Which prompts a question. How can we say that the original is not a version of something older? Sources mention of a book called Jaya which was destroyed in the past. It is said that the Mahabharata and The Ramayana are just ten percent of the content of Jaya

Considering that it was all fiction, a writer's work. The dispute at Ayodhya: Isn't it a typical fan-fighting over their favorite superhero. Like who is more powerful? Batman or Superman. The dispute is whether that piece of land was indeed the birthplace of Ram. Wasn't Ram a prince? Shouldn't he be born in a palace? If so, is there any palace in Ayodhya? Or even a minute evidence that a palace actually existed over that land? If we can kill over that, it won't be long enough when we start trying to find kryptonite in the depth of the Indian Ocean.



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