Neither Modi nor Gandhi, country needs Kranti!

Nov 3 , 2018 10 min read 2240 Views Likes 9 Comments
Neither Modi nor Gandhi, country needs Kranti!

We have a tough recruitment process for any job...may it be private or Government, but we don't have the same for the biggest responsibility of the country that is - forming the Government!. We don't have any sort of interview kind of thing to select the members that form a party. Moreover, who says that members are for the benefit of the people. NO, they are there for their own benefits, it is not unusual to see members changing their parties for their own self-interest.

The biggest debate going on is about the 2019 elections. Who will come to power- Modi or Gandhi? But have you just given it a thought that being in a democratic country do we have options? No, not at all. We are compelled to choose between the two only. Most of the people are also brainwashed either due to religion or just because of their own colleagues. Have you ever given a thought how wonderful it would have been if there were stages to prove one's potential for the candidate's position? A psychometric test or interview to prove the skills and passion of a person to serve the country?

The main problem is that people don't want to selflessly serve. They see monetary benefits everywhere. Most of the people are just swayed away by what others say. In a country like India where many don't even have the capability to choose an opinion out of reason, what to say about the P.M.

Crimes have risen, religion has made people blind, people are fighting over silly reasons like the ram-masjid debate. Did our freedom fighters sacrifice their lives to see this picture of the country? What is the difference, first Britishers used to rule, now politicians are ruling. You say development is being done, some part was being done during Britishers also then. Railways are the biggest boon of Britishers only. But we were determined towards SWARAJ. What about now? Have we achieved it? No! We are still under the cage of religion, superstition, patriarchy. Social evils like child marriage, rapes, human trafficking etc. are still plaguing the society. People die out of hunger today also.

GDP is not always the measure of the growth of the country. Economic welfare does not mean that the people of the country are developing and prospering. A reality check is very important. See the condition today. The more you will go in depth the more you will find the situation almost similar to that during the time of Britishers.

We say that in India everyone has the right to speak and express. But the reality is free voices are shot. Our Media has collapsed. News channels are most interested to show the news of Deepika-Ranveer, rather than the losses being faced by the farmers or the financial condition of the people of our country. Nirav Modi did a fraud of such a great amount but still, proceedings are going own and if a farmer takes a loan and he is not able to return it he hangs himself out of fear and the case ends with his death, the file is closed. The verdict of several cases come after the death of the victims fighting for justice. Judiciary also has lost its meaning.

The need of the hour is that youth of India should join hands to bring a transition. Otherwise, the situation will get worse. It is high time that we all make an all-new party irrespective of caste and religion. The members should first assert their strong willingness to serve and then only be taken inside. Their spirit and aim will definitely be appreciated by the people if not soon then surely in the near future. Youth only has the power to do that. Let's bring a Kranti!!