No Confidence in BJP

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No Confidence in BJP


When Rahul Gandhi spoke in Lok Sabha on 20th July this year, every Indian must have seen a figment of Rajiv Gandhi in those eyes, words and face. Skepticism has always been my attitude towards the Congress (because it was their lethargic and don't-care temperament that gave away the country to the dogs of communal violence in 2014), but on that day I saw a real leader lurking behind his own shadow, and waiting to reveal himself, in him: The able son of Rajiv. Maturity and wisdom weighed heavily in his every word that struck like poisoned darts in Modi's face. And in the end, that hug, that clinched the show in Rahul's favour.

Think Sanghis, think! BJP/RSS and Modi-Amit and the rest of the Sangh Parivar is just a big farce. A good-for-nothing rule, absolutely nothing, was what we saw in these four years. All those hype that the BJP was going to take India into a whirlwind rollercoaster ride of development and out-of-the-world advancement ended up only, and once more, only in criticism of the Congress. First Modi said, Congress ruined India in the past 64 years. Then Modi said the BJP achieved what the Congress had in the past. Care to guess what's next? It's going to be we didn't have enough time but the Congress did.

Why there's no development?
1) First off, none of them know what education is. I even doubt if any of them have even seen, let alone set foot, in a school. That is why some people find Shashi Tharoor's use of English very difficult to comprehend and understand.

2) Secondly, Modi has no time to see India. He is so set on his eternal world tour that whenever I think of him, I remember an old saying in Malayalam: കുരങ്ങന്റെ കയ്യിൽ മാല കിട്ടിയതുപോലെ, that is, if a monkey gets a garland by chance, the same garland will be reduced to strings and torn petals and leaves. That is exactly what happened to Modi. He became the Prime Minister but he has got no fucking clue what he is doing or what he's supposed to do.

3) Thirdly, and I find this very interesting and at the same time, intriguing, almost everyone who were really intellectual and responsible earlier tend to have exactly the opposite contrast in a few months after joining BJP.

Some jhumla strikes of BJP:

1) 15 lacs to every Indian bank account (please wait for it and you might get it in the next life)
2) 2 crore jobs (even if you are counting everyday-emerging pakoda and samosa sellers and maybe even beggars, and still worse, workers in BJP IT Cell, still 2 crores is a difficult target to achieve)
3) Fitting reply to Pakistan (if they dared to even light a cracker in Lahore)
4) Demonetising all the money and then making a big show of crying and asking us to give him 50 days within which if nothing gets resolved, we are supposed to burn him (think we should do just that)
5) Placing all the blackmoney hoarders behind bars (well, at presen, none are left as Modiji jas taken care to make sure they have crossed Indian borders)
6) Farmers are the backbone of this country and we, the BJP, will be there for them (giving 1 and 2 rupees loans to help farmers buy rat poison or ropes for arranging their own suicides)
7) Digital India, Skill India, Make In India, Shit In India; (all kindsa bullshit programmes started to what avail?)
8) Mob lynchings targetting the minorities (Dalits gave them a very good reply in Gujarat, Muslims and Christians are like prey animals and all BJP-ruled states- their hunting grounds)

and many more...

And what does our Prayaan Manthri do? Travel around using our money to all the countries on the globe to the extent that, now, a new country has to be created so that our Modiji can visit. #TrippingModeOn
Also spending crores on his yoga programmes.

And when Pinarayi Vijayan asks for increase in allocation of ration supplies to Kerala, the central coffers are so empty that all RSS shakhas are now consuming cow dung cakes. There is also mistake in Comrade Pinarayi's part: He shouldn't have asked money from the stash Modi has kept reserved for his tours.

PS: 1) The BJP might have won the no-confidence motion, but their days are numbered and they smell the stench of defeat even in their very own shakhas.
2) And dear Sanghis, if your Modiji wanted to build Lord Ram Temple, he would have done that immediately after he assumed power. Did he even talk about it in the last 4 years? So why the hell do you keep lapping out your tongues, drooling at your mouths, waiting for his each word as if it were pearls falling from the sky and had to be preserved before they fell, and shouting slogans in his favour?


Yours only,