No going back on LGBTQ rights in a Rainbow nation allowed to fill all Colors equally in its flag.

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No going back on LGBTQ rights in a Rainbow nation allowed to fill all Colors equally in its flag.

At Thursday in while of class we get the news that homosexuality is now no more crime. It's also been natural sex and allowed. After coming the verdict one of activist waves a rainbow flag near to supreme court struck down the law criminalising homosexual intercourse between consenting adults, in New Delhi on Thursday. 

Why rainbow flag?

Because our nation known as unity in diversity' there are lots of different colours in one flag and everyone are free to live, to love and to be their self. 

It's no longer a crime to be a homosexual in India for court they have said like this but still it won't be a crime for society?

Does the mind-set of people especially of those one have narrower lane in their darkest mind will accept them?

Society could see them as normal people? But does that matter?

Because society always say something and declare you insane whenever you would think a single of thought different from them.

But here chief justice Dipak misra said while reading his judgement, "I am what I am. So take me as I am. No one can escape their individuality.

A very true and sublime statement I also personally think it's a normal thing that we can adapt and digest both without even taken the digestive tablets.

I discussed with few people and few of them were really exceptional replies.

As I don't judge people through their choices, and thought. I think whatever people want to do let them do. Make people free, let them fly. 

Why always been become cages in the fear, limits, and rules.

As one of girl said I don't get this something wrong because God has made them like this. Men do attract towards men they feel the kind of feeling and feeling is not something makeup. Feeling are always been true and pure.

There's a concept as before happened things boys been distant from girls so no boy friend and girl friend but girl began live with girl. Girls find a comfort zone and do live a normal with girls become good friends.

There are two types of girls one very slow, decent and loveable and other one is bit of hard, less and emotional.

So in this, one become men and other women.

Life partners - 'life is a long journey you can't walk alone and so long...,

You need someone that share your problems everything become partner in your life not matters whom men or women?

So one of my friend said what's a problem in this if they have feeling so they have how much they could hide?

If you want to live with a boy but someone said to live with girl so you could able?

No you'll feel caged and thinking about only flying.

So as that if they like to live with a person of same gender and they will fall in love with someone's heart and soul so how could they will manage to live with someone else due to gender gap?

There is only one life and I think everyone have complete right and freedom to live fully. 






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